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And they’re back [both the interns and one of our favorite blogs]

Today we had an intern come our office to collect signatures for a letter. It’s a simple task. You stand in the front office and you wait for someone to sign the letter.

While he waited and without asking permission, Super Intern decided to walk all throughout our back office like he owned the place. The whole staff had the same quizzical reaction of “Who the hell is this kid and what the hell is he doing here?” He even decided to introduce himself to our Chief of Staff (who was in a meeting) and he tried to drop the name of our LD (as if he knew him) and completely mispronounced it. It’s a common name, kinda like “Smith.”

For those not familiar with the DC Summer Intern blog:

This blog is dedicated to those DC residents who eagerly await (or completely dread) intern season. Essential to the function of offices in DC, interns are willing to complete tasks that are often considered undesirable. For many interns, this blog will not apply. For those interns to whom it does apply, we hope that you use these anecdotes to change your behavior and, eventually, change the stigma attached to DC interns.

Enjoy. We do.

h/t Mindy via Katie