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Proud WVU professor Josh Habursky is one hard working dude – and you gotta be if you’re going to claim DC as your home base (especially for tax purposes). In addition to his day job as the Director of Advocacy for ICBA, he’s the founder of the next biggest grassroots professional network you should know about. But there’s more that meets the eye – and ears. Check out our Famous 5 with the EDM enthusiast himself.

This is 2017. Tell us about Grassroots Professional Network in 140 characters or less.

Rapidly expanding unorthodox networking group that demonstrates quality content far above dues. #TakeRisksAndProsper #OriginalGrassroots

flashback to LA at GPN’s Western Advocacy Symposium talking federal policy in the AI and VR industries.

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Greatest moment in the history of WVU. Go.

Every Saturday (for the boys) during football season is both great and historic in Morgantown when the Mountaineers face off.  I would caution people about the burning couches though! The university has a lot of culture and is unafraid to embrace the work hard play hard mentality. Teaching there has been a privilege and it is always good to take a country road every once in awhile outside “The Swamp”.

Go Mountaineers! #wvu #professor

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Which Instagram post of yours best describes you?

Somehow I got the Instagram handle @wolfofkstreet early on and there is certainly a heavy dose of wit and wisdom ranging from elections to EDM in my feed.  Admittedly, I take a satirical approach to a lot of my posts because I don’t want to take myself too seriously and a lot of the “Washington Speak” is comical outside the beltway and should be roasted. I love quoting musicians, artists and thinkers to prove a point in articles that I write, and will often do that on social media as well. Although... LinkdedIn > Instragram #adulting


What’s DC’s best kept secret? (Spill!)

Free time exists.


Your turn: Ask yourself a question and answer it!

As we approach GPN’s largest event in our short history, I will take this opportunity to give credit where it is due. 

Why is GPN successful?

We had some first followers with the vision of what GPN could be. Aside from that, we worked with media organizations and universities that have had a strong Washington brand from the beginning, which gave us legitimacy from the very start. The advisory board solidified the credibility and allowed us to take an edgy marketing track. I am not a marketer by trade and learned a lot of promotions and marketing from the electronic dance music world where I interview DJs/Producers for fun aside from my work in government relations. I like to throw in some music lyrics in email subject lines and we are using a music festival lineup template to unveil speakers and sponsors for an upcoming event. Things are easier when everyone is enjoying themselves trying to put on a good show without having to worry about a profit margin.

Another factor in GPN’s success is our Executive Director/Vice Chairman Eric Storey. Eric is a laid back, Austin, Texas kinda guy that rides a boosted board to meetings, while working with CEOs and putting together six figure projects. Whereas, I tend to be the aggressive type keeping the train on the tracks. Eric is also the filter of bad ideas, although a few tend to slip through the cracks and I have even scored a few points on the overrule. Our personalities are very different, but complementary which has served the organization well.

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