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Famous 5: Adam Epstein

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With the Superbowl taking place earlier this month and the playoffs in basketball and hockey on the near horizon and spring training upon us….let’s talk sports. Adam Epstein aka “Awadd” is the video producer for the Sports Junkies 106.7 The Fan, independent podcast host, and as of last week has his own sports show. Awadd talks all things sports in his Famous5 interview.

As the video producer of the Sports Junkies who has been your favorite athlete interview? Non-Athlete interview?

My favorite athlete I’ve gotten to interview was Antonio Daniels. He played for the Wizards when I was growing up and I always loved his effort and the way he attacked the rim. He came into the studio for an interview with the Sports Junkies last year, after the interview we got to hang out and talk about the NBA playoffs for our Youtube page.

The best non-athlete I’ve interviewed was Judah Friedlander, you may know him from his role of Frank Rossitano on NBC’s hit comedy 30-rock. He was traveling the country doing interviews for his comedy tour and stopped by 106.7 The Fan for an interview with the Junkies. I then got a chance to do one of my video bits called “Awadd’s Top Two” with Judah Friedlander where he answers rapid-fire questions with the first two things on his mind.

Tell us a little bit about your side hustle Play2Win radio?

Play To Win is a podcast I started back in 2015 and now host with 3 of my good friends, Bryan Lawrence, James Snow, and Kevin Manetti. We record every Saturday morning and usually bring in a few guests who have been local athletes, musicians, or entrepreneurs. It’s a sports podcast that spends 50% of the time goofing on each other, recapping our nightlife, or talking TV/Movies, and the other 50 percent on DC Sports and National sports stories. With Play To Win we have begun also hosting events and LIVE broadcasts. We packed the house at Pamplona for the World Cup finals as well as the Super Bowl. Look out for our next watch party come March Madness!

Follow us on Instagram/twitter @P2Wradio

You just got your own show on 106.7 recently. What’s the show about? 

After volunteering for any opportunity available and grinding away as a producer on the morning show for 4 years, I just got my own show on the weekends at 106.7 The Fan. You can expect to hear stories on all the local sports teams (Redskins, Wizards, Capitals, Nationals, DC United) as well as special guests. This week was NBA Champion Ben Wallace, and my overall view on national sports stories like the NFL draft.

What are the prospects of a DC sports championship coming up this season or next? Give us the rundown on the DC sports scene. 

I am 26 years old and have only seen one championship parade. That happened this past year when the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. I don’t expect the Wizards or Redskins to come anywhere close to bringing DC another championship in the next 5 years. The Washington Nationals are an interesting story though. They have gone out of their way to make sure Bryce Harper is replaced in the lineup with all-star caliber players and management is looking for this team to make another playoff appearance this season. As a big soccer fan, I should mention that DC United got back to their winning ways this season finishing in 4th place and making the playoffs, they have spent significant money to keep their star players (Luciano Acosta and Wayne Rooney) as well as bringing in some bright young talent. I expect DC United to compete for the Eastern Conference this season and would not be surprised if they were the next DC Sports team to win a championship.

What’s your game day routine?

Every day is game day for me. I am a huge sports fan so any competition on tv gets me pumped up. You won’t see me missing a regular season Redskins or Wizards game and I am all over the local college basketball scene. The way I like to prep for my weekend show is to get myself amped with a cup of coffee and I like to write out the most relevant facts so I can explain them as clearly as possible. If you can’t hear my show you can always download the podcast which I post to my Instagram/twitter accounts.

Keep up with Awadd @The1SportsNerd