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Scott Parker is a serial entrepreneur who boasts a wide variety of businesses in the DMV area. Chances are you have been to one of his spots. Some of Scott’s projects include A-Town Bar & Grill, Don Tito, Don Taco, Barley Mac, Dog Thrive, The Goat, Vaporfi. Scott is also launching Bash Boxing this weekend and the Bearded Goat Barber in February. Scott caught up with FamousDC for a special interview right before the launch of Bash Boxing this weekend to give us some tips on how to successfully create a business empire.

You are a well-known restaurant and bar owner in the DMV. Tell us about some of the new projects that you are working on in and out of that arena.

Right now, I’m working hard on BASH Boxing and on Bearded Goat Barber. BASH has a grand opening on 11/15, and Bearded Goat Barber will open in February most likely. I’m lucky in both situations to work with true experts who have spent a lifetime honing their craft.

Give us the details on BASH. What makes BASH Boxing unique? What is the cost? And what can I expect?

BASH combines boxing with high-intensity interval training. It’s unique because it appeals so well to beginners. People who have never boxed before in their lives can come in and get a great workout and slowly learn the basics. There are a number of pricing options, but the first class is always free. We want to give people a chance to try it to make sure they’re up for the challenge.

Which Instagram post of yours best describes you?

Maybe my post from May 3rd. I’m constantly in situations where people don’t see the vision, or they have a hard time with seeing what’s not there yet. It can be a challenge to bring something to life for someone if they can’t see it and touch it right at that time.



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How do you stay organized and focused with so many different projects going on at once? Give us your routine and tips on being an entrepreneur.

I have a lot of practices that I’ve put in place from reading about top performers worldwide. Most days I’m up before 5am getting an aggressive workout in, and then I take a freezing cold shower and try to do a little reading. These three things are game changers for me. They warm up my body and my mind, and I go into the work day at 7am feeling fresh and focused.

I stay organized by constantly eliminating. People always ask me how I do so many things, it’s because I only do the things I know I can execute extremely well. If I can’t do something as well as it can be done, I find someone else on my teams or outside that can. I also work about 15 hours per day most weekdays, and 7-8 on the weekends. So that helps too.

Favorite Leadership Quote. Favorite Dish at One of Your Restaurants. Favorite Escape from work spot in the DMV. Go.

‘Discipline Equals Freedom.’ from Jocko Willink. Most people are living in their own prisons because they live without discipline, and they don’t even realize it. If they put some intense discipline into their lives, most of their problems would be gone. My favorite dish is the Duck Confit at Barley Mac. Favorite place to escape from work is probably on a run.