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Friday Round Up

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Weather: It’s shaping up to be a great weekend. Sunny and 90 degrees on Saturday, perfect for those boozy brunches, but Sunday might bring some stormy weather. But let’s be real, you’re just in recovery mode on Sundays and binge watching Netflix.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Get your fill of delicious food at Truckeroo tonight!The Redskins are back so get out there and support; Drake is hitting up DC and will be playing at the Verizon Center so get your tickets; Restaurant week is going down in Alexandria; Rock and Roll Hotel is gonna be poppin this weekend as it celebrates its 10 year anniversary; Whether you’re boozy brunching or layin low, we’ve got your weekend jams here


It’s Friday and we’re tired of doing our adult duties. In other words, we literally can’t even adult anymore. So we did what we do best – bossed little kids around and made them do our job for us: wait in line at Rose’s Luxury, read the local newspaper and happy hour at Senart’s Oyster and Chop House.

Takeaway: kids will do anything for a Ted tart.


Go home, Lochte; Peace out Paul Manafort. Can’t say we blame ya; You don’t want to tangle with this gold medalistIt’s time for change; We’re still on this? Seriously?; Getting paid to unwind and take a day off? Ummm yes please; We legit cannot go this long without Game of Thrones. 


All Purpose doesn’t just have amazing pizza; The Metro’s rap sheet just keeps getting longer; Great beer and awesome food. What more could you want?; Lend a helping hand in your spare time; Startups are a thing now; The DC food options are endless and absolutely delicious.


Loosen That Belt Buckle

Back To School Shopping List: Adult Edition

DC Was Made For Instagram

We Wheel Be Back

That’s “Mayor Steve” To You

Welcome Back To Journalism, Kate Nocera! 

Rapper Drake Reaches New Heights 

We’ll Drink To That

FDCelebrates: National Ice Cream Pie Day

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

We Checked Out The Pointiest Monument Around


Usain Bolt proved again last night that trying to keep up with him is an exercise in futility. While that’s true, maybe we can be inspired by his speed and try to pick up the pace ever so slightly.

Here are our top 5 things in DC that could use even a fraction of Usain Bolt’s speed.



Famous birthday wishes to Paris Dennard, Ron Bonjean, Matt Haase, Sam Vaghar, David Kloos, Alex Oliveira, Bernard Abagali, Brendan Kret, Abby Marie, Chris GoldenGordy CasascoSeton ParsonsDevin O’Malley, and Kate DeMoss.


“Ryan Lochte = Swim Shady”

Taylor Hauge 


Jonny Hiler was spotted wearing a very odd hat this week; Todd Boulanger loves a good Rosé; Congrats to Fairfax City who has an amazing new interim mayor in Steve Stombres; Tommy McFly doesn’t idle well on vacation; Elise Foley finally got a balloon drop of her own; Brian Diffell continues to offer Trump advice, but he’s not listening; Jen Richer was allowed to fly a plane seven years ago; Alison Harden Siciliano and family are enjoying a beautiful beach; Joseph Poduslo has been dominating D.C. real estate for 12 years; Julia Williams is a survivor… of Polish hospital food; Teri Galvez, our thoughts are with you and your family; Clay Broga and team are killing it; Katie Harbath has been a Facebook user for 11 years; John Scofield has found and eaten deep fried twinkies; A huge shoutout to Sarah Ghessie for pulling off an amazing event last night at NJI Media; Ask Sarah Ferris about catfish farming; Alex Becker is the Godfather; Josh Shultz serves a strong frozen margarita, but Nathan Imperiale pours them like a pro; Ask Nitika Dumera about her cheerleading championships; Natasha Flint has a secret recipe for Frosé…that’s frozen rosé, people; Matt Lira is a great guest bartender; Is Caitlin Owens running a Glover Park parody Twitter, or is she just responsible for the content?; Bubba Atkinson’s got a sweet new gig – send him congrats!

Famously spotted at the NJI Media Boardwalk Happy Hour: Phillip Herndon, Business Roundtable; Mike Morrison, American Energy Alliance; Mike Sanoff, American Hotel and Lodging Association; Chantal Menashe, American Hotel and Lodging Association; Blair Clemente, American Hotel and Lodging Association; Amber Marchand, Hamilton Place Strategies ; Max Mallory, Hamilton Place Strategies; Jared Favole, Hamilton Place Strategies; Sam Pepi, Story Partners; Grigsby Crawford, Story Partners; Mike Russell, CRC Public Relations; Danny Le, NJI Media; Minki Kim, Marriott; Spencer Packer, Targeted Victory; Stephanie Pola, Marriott; Archibald Smart, USA; Matt Lira, US House of Reps; Philippa Levenberg, Story Partners; Stuart Roy, Crossfit; Ida Rosenthal, Deloitte; Derek Timmerman, VAE; Brea MacIsaac, Bethesda Softworks; Todd Bowers, Uber; Robin Shultz, Inova; Mick Kaplan, Powers That Be; Jessica Larson Bowers, USDA; Catharine Cypher, U.S. Senate; Louisa Imperiale, American University; Elizabeth Ray, CRC Public Relations.


A big congratulations to Kate Nocera on her return to journalism as she joins BuzzFeed D.C. as managing editor. Nocera previously covered Congress for POLITICO and BuzzFeed before joining Vox Media last year; Alicia Montgomery joins WAMU as its new editorial director. She previously served as the senior producer and editor of multiple NPR programs, including Code Switch; Jim VandeHei’s growing media company brings on Bubba Atkinson, who will leave his role as editor of the IJ Review; Former executive director of programming and consumer research at National Geographic Channels, Daniel McDonald, is now vice president for research at the National Association of Broadcasters; Megan Humphrey, previously VP at McBee Strategic, joins Pfenex as its director of brand development and marketing communications; And finally, FOX news is doing some reorganizing. Jack Abernethy and Bill Shine have been appointed co-presidents of the network. Additionally, Suzanne Scott will now serve as executive vice president of programming and development. Sharri Berg is being promoted to chief operating officer of news and operations. And lastly, the network also says goodbye to chief financial officer Mark Kranz who is retiring from FOX after almost 19 years.


Out like Paul Manafort.