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The forty-second President of the United States and the potential first first gentleman turns the big 7-0 today and we have a few guesses on what he’s wishing for when he blows out his candles.

You might think he’s hoping to unwrap a new intern or a Presidential victory after he cuts into his vegan birthday cake, but the only gift Bill wants for his b-day is a whole lot easier.

The one thing in the world this man wants is surprisingly something that is already a key element of his birthday celebration- balloons.

If we learned anything from the DNC back in July, it is that Bill LOVES his balloons.

I mean, just look at this face. He just went from 70 to 7 real fast:


I bet Hillary wishes Bill looked at her the way Bill looks at balloons:


He’s just can’t believe his luck- what are the odds that he’d get balloons at a birthday party:


Don’t worry Mr. Balloon, Bill will never let you go:


The backsides of balloons put the Kardashian’s to shame:


So Happy Birthday Bill! Maybe now that you’re 70 you can learn to share your balloons with the other kids.