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Friday Round Up

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Weather: It’s a perfect weekend to hit up the pool with those mimosas and chill. It’s going to be hot AF with temps in the 90’s, not a cloud in sight, and that sunshine blazing down.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Head into the iceberg filled arctic at the National Building Museum; Merryland Festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion is going to be a great time; Don’t miss the last weekend for the “Wonder” exhibit at the Renwick GalleryJoin in on the Alexandria Pub CrawlTry out your paddle boarding skills on the Georgetown Waterfront; Check out the new beer garden at Union Market; Be sure to be a little cultural this weekend and attend the Folklife Festival on the mall; Don’t miss this Euro Cup final on Sunday afternoon at 3pm.


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Fittest city in America? Maybe when Kevin Cleary is in town.

The multiple Ironman competitor, marathon runner, yoga “master”, and CEO of Clif Bar might give us a run for our money. Kevin came to town to pay MCON a visit and teach this generation’s young rising stars about leadership and empowerment. When you’re juggling an active lifestyle, career and fatherhood, maybe it is a good thing to know a yoga move or two. 

Question is, what’s harder: raising three boys or competing in American Ninja Warrior? Find out here


A sixty-one-year-old woman gave birth this week; So is Calvin’s song about Taylor or not?; Marco Rubio proved that he’s still got fundraising chops; Congrats to Aztec Rental on 50 years of outstanding service; America needs help; To sit in the middle seat, or not to sit in the middle seat?; What’s it gonna be, Hillary?; Oh Snap!; The Spice Girls just keep crushing it #WhatIReallyReallyWant; Is this sunscreen ad campaign so bad it’s good? Or just the worst idea ever?


Alexandria is getting the good stuffBryce Harper hushed a heckler last night; Another excuse to grubWhen we said “do less” we didn’t mean literally; The Nats mean business; There’s an adult summer camp for adults right here in DC; You gotta try this Buttery Tipple at Sixth Engine; Does it mean what you think it does?; It’s time for change.


Morning Grind 7.08.16

5 Free Things To Do Every Friday Of Summer In DC

Famous 5: Greensky Bluegrass

Cheers, Cleveland 

Confessions Of A Capitol Hill Staffer: The Hill’s ’50 Most Beautiful’ List

Remembering Nate Graham


It’s ok if you’ve never heard of Greensky Bluegrass until right now. They’ve always found new fans organically – one at a time along the course of an intense touring schedule that includes America’s most prestigious music venues and festivals. But act fast if you want to appear avant-garde amongst your friends.



Famous birthday wishes to Alex Sailer, Eric Nedd, Jon Robilotto, David Goodwin, Allyson Jaffe, Victor Barcelona, Michael LaRosa, Chris Paulitz, Rob Aneiva, Krista Schroth, Pedro Martinez, Nina DiGregory, Alonzo Ray, Rose Procopio Barondess, Nick Simpson, Danny Diaz, Michael Woeste, Stefanie Petropoulos, Katie Pavlich, Jack Smedile, Garret Graff, Mary Ellen McIntire, Gordon Pannill, Eli Yokley, Julianna Acos, Kelley Hudak, Shade Douglas, Richard Cerrone, Blair Pembleton, Collin Saint-Vil, Madison Paulk, Kevin Gannon, Macenzie Peters and John Dingell.   


“May we stop seeing people as black, white, brown or wearing blue & see them instead as husbands, wives, sons, daughters & children of God.”

Mitt Romney


Team Hurd is losing senior LA Madison Smith to Team Cornyn. He’s kind of a rockstar!; Chuck Todd took a long nap this week; Bart James has really good taste in pants; Patrick Gavin is still chasing an Obama interview; Capitol Hill said goodbye to Jim Billimoria last night; Cameron Lewis is in a great place; Enjoy NYC, David Almacy and fam; Alexandra Zimmerman Safir is excellent at fishing; Sam Huxley was in a parade and did a great job; Abe Adams’s toddler is an amazing housekeeper; Is Ken Spain back from Corsica‬?; Thanks for the 128 Facebook false alarms, Taz Jones; Is Mike Dunkle back yet?; Give Lauren French at Stanton & Greene a high five today in honor of Kelley Hudak’s birthday; FDC interns are making the rest of us look bad; How was jury duty Mark Borelli?; Happy birthday to the cutest two year old, Lauren Demarest!; Get excited for a two week workout plan Noelle Clemente; How’s Troy Lyons doing?; Dena Battle just wants to cool off with the ducks; Congratulations Cara Becker!!; Whitney Cole makes the internet laugh; Is Brenna Williams out there?; Cameron Easley sucked it up and saw the Dixie Chicks; Jake Sherman better start slipping Phish references into Politico Playbook; Alyson Chwatek is a boss; Kristen Bartaloni and Cody Keenan had the best wedding ever, photos with President Obama included; Lead poisoning in the Cannon House Office Building. But don’t worry, they’re offering free blood testing and bottled water to victims. Sorry, “staffers” – autocorrect; Happy Birthday Jamie Baker!; Nish Pandya had another successful American celebration. If you missed out, you’re #Canadian; John Landes #blessed DC with his presence and we all thank you for that; Alyssa Hinman is best friends with Clint Robinson #goNats; We’d like to welcome Kelsey Baron to 2016. She got a new iPhone and you can now get in touch with her. #yay; PSA: The kids in Chase Clanahan’s bumble profile are his nephews, not his kids; Kevin Gannon is still recovering from his birthday hangover; Maddie Temoyan is a country girl for life; Congrats on the new job in Boston Andie D’Agostino!; Brendan Karet is tan AF; Rick Yackle is going to be a true Washingtonian; Have a great trip to NC Morgan Gress and Brian JohnsonSenator Flake certainly isn’t timid; John Dingell of Twitter fame celebrated his 90th in Rayburn this week; Bret Baier and Bill Rancic forgot to invite us to dinner; Someone buy Jenn Sherman a glass (or bottle) of wine; DC misses you, Charlotte HuffakerFrancis Cunningham is feeling good today; Does Sarah Gunion still read this?; We miss our FDC mascot; Erin Lange has a thing for mermaids; Sarah Ghessie is a rockstar.


Kelle Long is leaving her post at the House Budget Committee and headed to the Motion Picture Association of America; The Christian Science Monitor welcomed Zack Colman as their Deputy Energy and Environment Editor this week; Rachael Bade joins Politico as their House Leadership Reporter; The Hill brought on Joe Concha this week as their newest addition; The Heritage Foundation welcomes James Wallner as its new vice president for research. He previously served as executive director of the Senate Steering Committee; Joe Conca, previously at Mediaite, will serve as The Hill’s new media reporter; USA Today just announced Chris Davis, previously at the Tampa Bay Times, as its new vice president of investigative reporting; Adam Bozzi announced his departure from Sen. Michael Bennet’s (D-CO) office this week as he assumes a new role at the End Citizens United PAC; Alexandra De Luca joins EMILY’s List as deputy press secretary after two years at West End Strategy team; McGuire Woods Consulting has a new VP of government relations. Scott Frein joins the firm to focus on MWC’s education practice; Andrew Springer, previously at ABC News, and Ben Fullon, previously at Vox Media, join Mashable on its global audience and growth team; Former MSNBC correspondent, Tony Dokoupil, will join CBS news starting in August; CBSN welcomes Albert Lewitinn, who previously worked as an executive and producer at CNN and CNBC, as its executive producer; Lastly, a big congrats to Steve Nelson and N’Jeri Eaton, who will both be joining NPR in August. Nelson will be responsible for podcasts and weekend shows & Eaton joins as the senior manager for program acquisition, where she will be the person to know for those looking to collaborate on audio content. 


God bless.