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MCON is Coming

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“MCON is for people who give a damn about social change and aspire to turn their interest into action… MCON seeks to gather leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs to act and find creative solutions for social issues.”

Influenced by The Millennial Impact Project, MCON helps people understand the best approaches in motivating the next generation of do-gooders and corporations to dedicate their time and energy to a cause and this week they’re doing just that in our nation’s capital.

Between a VIP speaker lineup (including Matt Bellassai, Minka Kelly, Mayor Bowser, and the Georgetown Cupcake sisters) and nighttime parties hosted at the Renwick Gallery, Soundcheck and National Geographic, MCON 2016 will be one of the hawtest events of the summer (that’s millenial speak for hot).


Throughout this three day event starting tomorrow, MCON will give attendees access to people who have both succeeded and failed in building movements. This will help participants learn from those that have come before them and develop a plan of action.

This will be the 6th annual MCON event and the program is set to focus on inclusive entrepreneurship, for-profits for good, exploration, public service, tech, creativity, social justice, and leadership. This is MCON’s first time coming to Washington, D.C., so we’ll be sure to give them a warm welcome and show them the ropes.

Held at National Geographic, MCON will bring millennial leaders in politics, comedy, social good, the arts, and startups together to showcase the nation’s capital as a hub for next generation talent.

So whether you are physically at MCON or not, you don’t have to miss out on this awesome event. We’ll be bringing the event to you, so sit back, relax, and follow all things FamousDC.