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Friday Round Up

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Weather:  Prepare yourself for the monsoon that is about to hit the district. 100% chance of downpours all day Saturday and Sunday with temperatures in the 60’s. That rain gear is getting put to good use this spring.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: It’s all about the beer. Hit up Bram Brew Fest at Brambleton Plaza; Check out the Neon Drink Summer Beer Festival at the Bullpen; D.C. Bike Ride is happening on Sunday; Get zen and do some Yoga on the Mall; Grab some barbecue at the 3 Stars’ Summer BBQ series.


Working out can be dangerous which is why I try to stay away from it. Throw in some weights and we’re now flirting with death.

Call me old fashioned, but I’d like to live a long life.

Stuart Roy and Hazen Marshall? Not so much. The two love Crossfit so much (form of exercise for you couch potatoes) that they tried to tell me about it over at Crossfit Oldtown, but I could barely hear what they were saying over the crunch of my Rice Krispies Treat.


Taco Bell got a facelift; Meet KarlSen. Sasse bringing out the sass (h/t Mike Morrison); Jenna Johnson on how Donald Trump tweets; We probably need one of these; Go Robin Wright!; Senator from troubled home state repeatedly acting out


Mo metro, mo problems; Wicked burn, Senator Warren; In not so shocking news…; Might want to take the bus from now on; Michelle Obama is crushing the healthy American lifestyle game; Are we not over the Redskins name yet?; DC taxis are taking it to a whole new level. 


A Very Good Morning

Uncovering The Undefeated

Pro Status

Welcome Home Maggie!

Fashionably Famous: Meeting Tory Burch

Go Big Or Go Home


In Washington, it’s simple enough to observe that there are two types of people roaming the city streets: type A and type B. While type B’s should be respected in their own right for their cavalier swagger and happy-go-lucky attitude about red line delays, I think I speak for all type A’s when I say that we are an unstoppable and ambitious tribe.

Scroll-on for 10 photos only type A’s living in D.C. will truly appreciate! If you’re a type B like Joe Biden, you will probably have no idea what we’re talking about.



Famous birthday wishes to Alexandra Wilson, Kat Wardle Orme, Dorothy Allen, Peter Kaplan, David Caughran, Amanda Duckworth, Ryan Douglass, Christine Delargy, Nathan Sermonis, Mike Long, Andie Pivarunas, Shauna Alexander, Jillian Lane, Anne Brady Perron, Andrew Shinn, Loren Hiser, Cameron Pugach, Jessie L’Heureux, Mike Bouchard.


“For what purpose *does* the gentleman rise?”

Oliver Knox


“The Puppy Who Lost Its Way” from Billy Madison is a true story and FamousDC helped bring that pup home; You should be following JusticeAid on Facebook and Twitter; Rain or shine, Hallie Williams is going to find some wine this weekend; Good luck with that juice cleanse, Nate Hodson and Nick Butterfield; A huge shout out to Mo Elleithee and the team at Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service; Erin McPike had to explain to Doug Thornell and Shawn Reinschmiedt the meaning of free; We miss Doug Parsons; Will Mick Kaplan judge our content this week?; We miss Matthew Faraci; This is a special shoutout to Nate Politi; Happy 4 year anniversary to the NJI Media Nairobi office opening; Markette Sheppard got a sweet NoVa Mag shoutout on Messenger Beauty; We want to be where Nikki Schwab and Neil Grace were; Ric Sanchez wins Twitter bio of the week; Devon Redfield has a message for you: “Embrace the spoilage. Stop living your life in fear.”; Christine Delargy had a birthday and is also the hero of the week; Congrats to Dave Karpf on moving on up at GW; Todd Bowers was the first Uber employee to ever testify before Congress; Great job, Senate Republican digital teamJen Richer got an AARP membership; Sara Rogers grows beautiful flowers; We are nominating Ben Timmins as D.C.’s most eligible bachelor ; Reminder to Arden Bochner and Arthur Bochner to rebook their trip to D.C.; Jennifer Hanley would like a great new neighbor; And the best selfie of the year goes to Daniel Lippman and Marissa Mitrovich; Nitika is a puppy tease! Where is Ludo today?; Maddie Temoyan is doing big things; Taz Jones’ inner fangirl came out at Nats Park yesterday; Tell Cassie Smedile happy birthday and ask her to leave my pizza alone; Ask Mo Elleithee why he doesn’t tell you about the elevator until AFTER the meeting; Garrett Golding turned 25; Brent DelMonte turns 27 tomorrow; Spotted out and about: the candy car; Mike and Ethan Dunkle are a half iron man away from a whole one; Only a season and a half until FALLLL!!!!; Ask Amos Snead why there are no parking garages in Dupont; Geoff Embler is renting out his couch for a small fee; Stop everything you’re doing. There’s a trailer for an Anthony Weiner documentary.


Columbia University is investing $60 million in the Knight First Amendment Institute; Elizabeth Spayd is joining the New York Times as public editor after leading the Columbia Journalism Review since 2014; Megyn Kelly’s primetime special series debuted this week with interviews with Donald Trump, Laverne Cox, Michael Douglas, and Robert Shapiro; Congrats Christina DiPasquale on starting your communications firm, Balestra Media; Shannon Murphy joins the Clyde Group as their new health care director; Feinstein Kean Healthcare welcomes Lauren Sincalir from CRAFT; Margaret Shepard makes a big move to team 1776; Congrats to all twelve organizations, including NPR and Pulitzer Center, on receiving $25 million in grants from the MacArthur Journalism.


A moment for Morley.