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A Very Good Morning

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Meet Annie Baker and Mackenzie Jortner – two badass women that have put the fun back in “fundraising”. Annie and Mackenzie recently started the The Morning Group, a consulting firm specializing in national fundraising, comprehensive finance planning, finance staff recruitment, and event build and execution.

When the two aren’t working their butts off, you can spot them around town.

Mackenzie Famous DC

A Texas native, Mackenzie’s favorite thing about DC is that it has the “best aspects of a town and the best aspects of a city. I love running into someone I know almost every time I’m out and about, yet also having all the cultural opportunities that a larger city provides. And, the monuments and landmarks. It’s a little surreal sometimes to look across the street and see the the Capitol or the Washington monument.”

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For Annie, “working here just provides endless opportunities. I love that something can pop up each day and all of a sudden we have a new exciting project. Living here, I love experiencing this city in every season. Even the brutal winters aren’t too bad when it gives you an excuse to hunker down in my pi’s with my husband.”

Congrats on the new venture! Learn more about The Morning Group here.