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In Washington, it’s simple enough to observe that there are two types of people roaming the city streets: type A and type B. While type B’s should be respected in their own right for their cavalier swagger and happy-go-lucky attitude about red line delays, I think I speak for all type A’s when I say that we are an unstoppable and ambitious tribe.

Sure, we might be the ones setting reminders to our reminders on iCal, but make no mistake, type A’s have a method to the madness and they slay to-do lists like professional athletes.

Scroll-on for 10 photos only type A’s living in D.C. will truly appreciate! If you’re a type B like Joe Biden, you will probably have no idea what we’re talking about.


1. First of all, when you’re exiting the metro via the escalator, it is physically impossible to stand on the left side. There’s an efficient way to stand in order to let people pass, and it’s on the right. Period.

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Photo: Google


2. You know how to spot the most perfect cherry blossom in the world, and you silently judge the amateur blossom photos your friends share every April on Insta.

Photo: Le Merg


3. Un-scaffolded views of the Capitol building make you believe in America again, and they inspire you to hit up the old bars and restaurants on the Hill you once boycotted during the construction.

Photo: CBS News/New Vision Travel


4. Similarly, un-scaffolded views of the National Monument are the chicken soup for your type A soul. No longer will be the days of embarrassing Fourth of July photos on the Mall.

Photo: Travelblog.org/Washingtonian


5. With every city street comes an opportunity for great parallel parking. It’s not often that you see a masterpiece as glorious as this.

Photo: Google


6. Colorful row houses are your jam… as long as the colors alternate correctly… in order.

Photo: Urban Turf


7. Since “flawless” and “perfect” are words you live by, it’s nice to see when your favorite businesses share your outlook on life.

Georgetown Cupcakes boxed cupcakes
Photo: Georgetown Cupcakes


8. You’re always the planner in your circle of friends, which means you lust after the feeling you get when your dinner reservation at Founding Farmers is safe and sound in your inbox.



9. Sighting a perfectly parked line of Capital Bikeshare bikes is almost like seeing a unicorn. You make sure to capture the moment on Snapchat from different angles to show your friends just how lucky and type A you are.

Photo: Google


10. Your morning alarm schedule is out of this damn world.