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D.C. photographer, Cade Martin, recently launched his newly redesigned website displaying and promoting his artistic pieces. You may recognize his work from last year’s Woolly Mammoth Theatre advertisement posters. Check out his new, revamped website here!  Photo By: Cade Martin

Jim Havard took a beautifully exposed photo of the Capitol building all lit up with the “flower moon” in the background, and submitted it to the FamousDC Flickr pool.

An excellent photo of the Georgetown Waterfront at sunset by Jason Vines.

Another stunner from Z. Lewkowicz, submitted to the FamousDC Flickr Photo pool. This time, it’s a few premature cherry blossoms with an excellent filter. Enjoy the photo and breathe in the spring.

This photo, taken at the Air Force Memorial, was submitted to us by way of the FamousDC Flickr Pool. Its singular focus makes a dramatic impact – good work, Mr. Sonderman.

Andy submitted this awesome long exposure photo of the Chinatown arch by emailing [email protected] and we’re thrilled he did. This is an amazing shot, but definitely not his only amazing shot – check out the rest of his work at his website.

John Sonderman found the perfect photo perspective to show off DC’s current wintry vibes, including the snow that’s been sitting on the Potomac this week.

This isn’t just the same old #DCSunset, it’s perfectly framed, perfectly timed, and perfectly edited.

Kevin Wolf did it again: he took the non-memorable and ordinary in the DC are (in this case the Dulles Airport shuttle) and made it look magical in his photo. Bravo.

This adorable shot, snapped by Richard Barnhill and submitted to the FamousDC photo pool, captures so many time-sensitive happenings at once: the U.S. Capitol’s scaffolding, the frozen reflecting pool, and of course the moment between the man and the woman here itself. It’s a beautiful bit of cheer in gloomy midwinter.

A relative newcomer to the FamousDC Flickr Photo Pool, Z. Lewkowicz has been knocking it out of the park with a bevy of well-treated, well-framed shots.  His photo, taken at DC Yards Park after a rainy day is stunning.

A pretty, perfectly framed, wintery scene at the sculpture garden ice rink. Kudos, Sonderman on this beautiful photo. Via FamousDC Flickr pool.

#NATIONAL Your name can go to Mars; Google hired a camel for desert streetview; skip the jack-o-lantern, make a keg; you have a carefully engineered craving for bacon; yes, your dog heard and understood that; Whole Foods vs. Cracker Barrel – Senate elections edition; Is brunch for jerks? Discuss; Maureen …

Antwain Jackson submitted this photo using the FamousDC Flickr pool. He brings an unusual perspective to the oft-photographed US Capitol building.

Navin Sarma, a regular contributor to FamousDC, is having a grand opening in Washington, D.C. of his best photographs of the city next week in Georgetown. Check out the event details below and go check out his amazing work! Grand Opening: “DC: Impressions of Urban Nature” Wednesday, Oct 1, 6PM …