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Photographer Navin Sarma submitted this photo of gorgeous evening light on the Capitol, saying almost in a whisper (if emails could communicate whispers), “Fall is coming.”

The photographer formerly known as Lorie Shaull a.k.a. Number7Cloud is famous around DC for her whimsical Little Heart Man photos, but recently she took a trip to Nationals Park and ended up with this interesting perspective.

D.C.-area photographers added their 4th of July photos to the FamousDC Flickr Pool. Here are our featured favorites from the group. Relive America’s birthday and check em out.

Posted to our FamousDC flickr group, Corey Clarke‘s photo of the golden glow over D.C. last night between and during heavy rains makes the District look like something out of a movie.

Here are some of our favorite recent American flag photos from the FamousDC Flickr Pool.  

America’s Lawn has events [running into issues] Fort Reno concerts: off again [on again?] Metro fares go up three percent [Metro is now 3% more annoying] Pop up buildings in D.C. [may get the middle finger] D.C. is about to have a tour guide boom [requirements get easier] Kenyan musicians …

Famous communications pro and photographer Charlotte Sellmyer is on the up and up. With PRing two major committees under her belt, Charlotte’s heading to the NMPA to be VP of comms. She got an excellent quote from the President of NMPA on her new position: “The breadth and depth of Charlotte’s …

The loss—the GOP’s fifth in a row and their worst in over 85 years—proved so frustrating that some members asked Speaker of the House John Boehner to fire Barton, who has been a part of the game for 28 years. “Where has there been a shortstop that didn’t bat?” asks …

This is a cool tilt-shift video of a D.C. It makes ours a little, teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, little, tiny city.

DC is a confusing city sometimes, especially if you’re driving. We could imagine all these on the same street corner. Jim Havard captured this striking photo of an interesting group of signs in a tunnel.

Streetcar delays in D.C. [and in more surprising news, the tooth fairy was your mom] No big deal but Josh Kraushaar rocked it on [Morning Joe today] The McMillan Reservoir Sand Filtration Site [spooky and in your back yard] Arlington can’t forget [what made it the Arlington it is today] …

Grace Ma captured this incredible view of a stormcloud-surrounded U.S. Capitol building. Make what metaphors you wish about stormclouds over the Capitol, this is an awesome photo.

Russia is threatening [to mess with America’s GPS] District Flea closing indefinitely [hipsters everywhere feel a disturbance] Bill Clinton can see [what’s inside your heart] RIP “Alien” creator and nightmare dreamer [H.R. Giger] We collectively suck [as a driving population] VA teen kicked out of prom [because dads were ogling …

Look up at your calendar, folks. It’s May — which means spring in the District is finally upon us. Put away your snow boots, stock up on the deodorant and prep yourselves for #DCspring2014. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on where to go from here. Wait, is it REALLY here? Ways you know: There’s always  a line out the door of every salad place downtown. Swimsuit season folks. Parking: Ha. Good one. That special dead-of-August feeling is looming. Weather forecasters predict 80 degree weather, not exceeding 90. That’s a mild spring day in the District. Your Google Cal has no availability. You may wait for the bus forever. No, really. As in, it will never arrive. Tourists are taking pictures of everything. Corner of random building? Picture. Group of flowers. Picture. Beer? Picture. You feel your inner athlete resurface, only to one day twist your ankle on a sunrise monument run. Your inner athlete will retreat back to your living room for the remaining warm weather. “IT’S NOT THE HEAT. IT’S THE HUMIDITY!” is always being yelled now. Cherry blo- well, they’re gone now. No Instagram for you. There are too many activities to pick from. All in the same night: your friend’s party, an acquaintance’s party, a spring happy hour, three concerts you want to see. Brunches are getting a lot more aggressive. People are finding really creative places to lay out when the sun’s shining. Prep to Sweat: Throw out that old pair of flip flops you’ve had for 2 years and get some real summer footwear. Air out your seersucker apparel if Derby Weekend didn’t make you do that already. Buy excess sunscreen, bug spray and perfume. Get all koozies in a prominent place in your home for easy access. Familiarize yourself with reading weather radar. You’re gonna need it. Ready your 1 liter reusable water bottle, preferably one that effectively hides booze. Get a few sessions of hot yoga in to simulate the insane heat, humidity and close proximity of strangers you are about to experience. Plot a map of all rooftop bars to consult at a moment’s notice. Plot a map of well air-conditioned, commercial building lobbies to duck into at a moment’s notice. Fluff your couch cushions because everyone you know wants to visit “when it gets warmer.” Major mistake, friends, relatives & obscure college classmates. Find your damned sunglasses. Steel yourself against the crushing loneliness that will inevitably surface when your friends have plans to get out of town, oh, every single weekend. Know that you can always make it that one more block to the bar, no matter how close to collapse you feel. Remind yourself of the best angle at which you can stand to feel the feeble air conditioning drifting out of the columns on underground Metro platforms. Pro-Tips Congress is on recess. PARTY! An umbrella makes an excellent walking stick and tourist tripping device. Ladies: You can wear your hair up 5 days in a row and no one will judge you. The National Mall gets its own zip code when it fills up. You will go to unreasonable lengths to get a ride to a summer festival (aka a $150 Uber ride). Many people in DC have winter climate pups. No one likes a sweat stain, not even the Hollywood for Ugly People. Jazz in the Garden exists. Google it. It’s awesome. It’s also BYOB. Biking in traffic is a lot harder than Capital Bikeshare promotional photos make it out to be. DC “natives” come up with quite creative excuses to partake in a 3-day weekend vacation. Do with this knowledge what you will. The amount you sweat outside will never equal the amount of beer you’re taking in. Sangria: it’s a lifesaver.

A FamousDC favorite photographer, Kevin Wolf is a photographer by night (and dawn, and weekend). Check out his artfully composed portrait of a man near the Washington Monument.