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#NATIONAL Your name can go to Mars; Google hired a camel for desert streetview; skip the jack-o-lantern, make a keg; you have a carefully engineered craving for bacon; yes, your dog heard and understood that; Whole Foods vs. Cracker Barrel – Senate elections edition; Is brunch for jerks? Discuss; Maureen Dowd should try a rookie cookie; RIP Saturday morning cartoons; Redbull owes you ten bucks; forget cruise control, we want autopilot on our cars but we’ll skip the pet lion; oy, Satya; BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg wore a suit; feds trying to save butterflies; why Amazon must be stopped (it won’t be); places you can probably find Kim Jong Un; pink drill bits – not a euphemism; best birthday present ever; Blood Moon is a great name for a hippie metal band;

#DISTRICT Found fundraising email poetry; It’s beginning to look a lot like fall; The Capitol is ready for ebola; 13 secrets of D.C. you may or may not know about; Metro ridership declining; Jon Stewart could have hosted Meet the Press; how much it costs to rent apartments next to Metro stations; National Mall portrait as photographed from space; Washingtonian’s annual Congressional Best & Worst; Super awkward X2 bus driver vs. passenger fight; When will Brian Johnson bring us a Diplomate burger?; the Nationals can win anyone over; artisanal ice ain’t cheap folks; there’s some ISIS graffiti in DC; who else has been to the mysterious chiropractor-dentist in DC?;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: The @NationalJournal staff announces two new hires, @Foxreports jumps from @usnews to cover Congress, while @westonphippen makes the trek north, leaving the Tampa Bay Times to join NJ’s Next America team. @POLITICO continues to make moves, nabbing @TIME senior national correspondent @MikeGrunwald who joins the magazine as a senior staff writer and will serve as EIC of a new project – The Agenda – launching in early ’15. Meanwhile, longtime Boston Globe editor Peter Canellos has been named executive editor of the Rosslyn-based publication, starting in November.  Lisa Desjardins leaves @CNN for PBS Newshour, @LisaDNews will serve as a politics reporter and editor for the nightly news magazine and Vivian Schiller steps down as Twitter’s head of news, announcing her departure how else but through @Twitter? And the question on all our minds, who is the most delightful member of the @WhiteHouse press corps … @PressSec answers: http://bit.ly/1qwJJwc.

#HAPPY Happy birthday week to Faith Ammen, Bethany Biskey and Liz Delgado-Steo; happy birthday to Dena Battle; Congratulations Joe Brady & Jessie Cleveland!; Good luck Kenny Ames; Happy birthday Leo Bauza!;

#BYE Stay out of the rain – maybe watch this video.