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Four score and seven beers ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men should celebrate the 4th properly. We firmly stand by our founding fathers proposition and are hoping to fulfill our duty as U.S. citizens by …

With all the drone controversies going on, we thought we’d dig back into our vault of posts and resurface this video of an innocent and courageous drone providing beauty to the world from a never before seen angle.

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D.C.-area photographers added their 4th of July photos to the FamousDC Flickr Pool. Here are our featured favorites from the group. Relive America’s birthday and check em out.

Is it 4th of July? No. But is it time to watch a drone fly into fireworks? Always.

Real American hero Matt Cohen (DCist) made a sweet American playlist. Listen and salute. via

Do what you want to do. You’re an adult and this is your weekend. But we’ve got some killer suggestions that you will need.

Happy 4th of July from Bryant Avondoglio Independence Eve Fireworks Time-Lapse @ National Harbor from Bryant on Vimeo. Twitter h/t @LansingG

Happy 4th of July. We’ll see y’all after the break.

We hope you enjoyed the holiday break. Photo by: John Shinkle

Photo by: Christopher Gindlesperger, aka NotNotGindy FamousDC Nightlife Correspondent @BlairDC brings us the best fireworks viewing options for everyone sticking around the city this weekend. Washington DC is a spectacular place to celebrate July 4th. The National Mall, along with DC’s monuments and the U.S. Capitol, provides an exquisite and …

Photo by: Christopher Gindlesperger, aka NotNotGindy It is hot in Washington, D.C. Damn hot. Even the occasional breeze is on strike and not showing up. Do you know what goes well with sweltering heat? American Flag Apparel. The 4th of July tourists are ironing their favorite red, white, and blue …

In a recent attempt to entertain 30 or so fans, the Washington Nationals rewarded ticket holders to a fireworks display.  The only problem, the show was cut short when some of the debris landed on top of the fire chief’s head. [unbelievable] According to a sources, Vince Coleman was not …

Didn’t yesterday feel like Sunday? Today is totally a bonus day. Lots of good Flickr pics from the DC fireworks.