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Photo by: Christopher Gindlesperger, aka NotNotGindy

It is hot in Washington, D.C.

Damn hot.

Even the occasional breeze is on strike and not showing up.

Do you know what goes well with sweltering heat?

American Flag Apparel.

The 4th of July tourists are ironing their favorite red, white, and blue attire – or just leaving out their World Cup outfits for a few more days – and planning their descent on Washington.

But rest easy, friend, recess is just around the corner.

In case any tourists wander by FamousDC, we want to help them out a little.

Here’s our compilation from last year: Rules for Washington Tourists

And …

the always famous Brad Kanus post from 2008: Rules of Washington, D.C. Tourists

So, if you don’t end up sleeping on Dewey Beach or clinking glasses at The Inn at Perry Cabin, let’s all be nice to our American-loving, firework-watching, Metro-confused visiting friends this Fourth of July.

Or, if you want to be rude, you can always join this Facebook group.