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IRS pleads 5th in Committee hearing, but not on FamousDC. We’ll probably get audited for this.

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Chief of Staff, Josh Holmes, gives us a glimpse at his life as a DC POLITICO.

We recently saw CQ Roll Call reporter Abby Livingston‘s article on the upcoming Women’s Congressional Baseball game public roster and reached out to her. When she replied, her pure joy that Congressional Softball was back prompted us to ask her to write a guest post. But before we get to the best things about the game, there are a few things you should know about Abby: She is co-captain of the press team (hardcore), AKA “The Bad News Babe.” In real life she’s a political reporter at CQ Roll Call They play for charity, the Young Survivtal Coalition, which supports women under the age of 40 who have breast cancer Both teams practice twice a week at 7am (did we mention hardcore?) Get your tickets to the Fifth Annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game here or visit their main website She’ll be crushing it at the game on June 26th (True story, we had to postpone this article for batting practice. Again, hardcore.) Top Ten Things That Make Congressional Softball Great 10. Lynn Sweet’s garden gloves(Photo courtesy of Jeff Malet)  9. Former Rep. Laura Richardson leaving her ethics hearing so she’d be on time to the game last year.  8. Every other league I’ve ever played in made me remove my pearls and other jewelry before the game. This is how the Congressional Women’s Softball Game rolls.

**UPDATE April 30, 2013** We’ve just been tipped off by a staffer that Mario will be hired back. Long live the barber shop. Read the story of Mario and how the Senate Barber Shop almost closed for good:  After four decades spent in the Russell Senate Office Building’s basement, cutting

Just when we thought the IRS couldn’t get any nerdier… Excerpt from today’s Politico Pro Whiteboard: Rep. Charles Boustany, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee, is pressing the IRS to release a parody of Star Trek that was produced in the agency’s suburban Maryland studio facilities.

1. You don’t have to sit through four-hour long committee hearings with the boss. Just get in, snap a picture and roll out. 2. There is a good chance that you will be quoted back in the district newspaper – and your mom will frame that and show all of her friends. 3. You can always get a call back from a reporter – especially if you write BREAKING in all caps in the email subject line. 4. No. Constituent. Letters.

New members, new staff – it’s that time of year when the hill sees a lot of turn over and a bunch of fresh faces crop up among the seasoned veterans. Having been in your shoes and made several of these mistakes, FamousDC thought we’d share a few choice pieces

1. You are on the front lines. The first voice people hear when they call the office and the front person there when they walk in. 2. Because you make so much coffee, you’re eligible to opt out of the Starbucks barista test if you decide to change careers. 3. Everyone is forced to know your name or else they don’t get the good office supplies. 4. Nobody uses fax machines anymore.

1. If Todd Akin gets the slice of king cake with the baby he will ask where the stork went. 2. Joe Biden will flash John Boehner and become outraged when all he receives is a flag pin. 3. You just can’t hang enough beads from the House Gallery. Or Nancy Pelosi’s neck. 4. Obama’s tableau will block the view of VP Biden and John Boehner. And let’s be real, everyone watches for a) Joe’s smile or b) Boehner’s tears. 5. While crazy hats are encouraged on Bourbon Street, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee still won’t fit in.

Freshman Congressman Raul Ruiz was probably a little surprised to see the name change on his new, official house website. We’re not referring to the lack of MD although our hopes are high that it will eventually say Doctor Congressman.    

Out with the old and in with the new. 84 new to be exact. At 12pm EST today the 113th Congress was sworn in by Joe Biden followed by Rep. Boehner’s re-election as Speaker of the House. Like the first day of high school, the cool kids already knew where

Washington, D.C. – Robert Griffin, III, known by fans as RG3, spent Monday night  dismantling the  New York football Giants and then convened a bipartisan conference meeting Wednesday morning to solve the fiscal cliff crisis. “I understand waiting until the last minute to win,” said RG3, the 2012 Heisman Trophy

The only thing you can get for $0.75 in the Senate these days is a half of cup of coffee. Note: Haircuts are now $27. Even with 92.592% inflation over 20 years, they still need a bailout. h/t Joyce

Banner Wars 2012!!! Will the NRCC retaliate with a banner of their own?

It’s that time of year where the phones are silent, you can push the office dress code, and most importantly, any excuse to leave work early goes. Here at FamousDC we took an unofficial poll of Hill staff on what their number one reason for leaving early during recess was. See the results.