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1. You are on the front lines. The first voice people hear when they call the office and the front person there when they walk in.

2. Because you make so much coffee, you’re eligible to opt out of the Starbucks barista test if you decide to change careers.

3. Everyone is forced to know your name or else they don’t get the good office supplies.

4. Nobody uses fax machines anymore.

5. By default the comms shop will need your help and you’ll automatically become a social media expert.

6. Due to high turnover, you’re ten minutes away from becoming an LC.

7. August recess. We could probably just stop the list here but we’ll keep going.

8. Receptions. There is nothing better after a hard day’s work than a glass of cheap red wine and eating finger food with a toothpick.

9. You have a job. It doesn’t pay well, but you have insurance, TSP, and a cool ass ID that impresses girls at Tortilla Coast.

10. Softball is your time to shine. No matter how your day went, if you get the right softball field marked – you are a hero.

BONUS: Interns. Thank God for interns.


Photo by Jennifer Sherman