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1. You don’t have to sit through four-hour long committee hearings with the boss. Just get in, snap a picture and roll out.

2. There is a good chance that you will be quoted back in the district newspaper – and your mom will frame that and show all of her friends.

3. You can always get a call back from a reporter – especially if you write BREAKING in all caps in the email subject line.

4. No. Constituent. Letters.

5. The weekly conference meeting is the equivalent of your monthly sorority meeting in college.

6. Post-State of the Union is your Super Bowl.

7. Twitter and Facebook. Everyone else has these blocked.

8. You’re automatically qualified to put “digital guru” on your resume.

9. You can finally utter the words “can we talk on background first?,” to someone other than your roommate.

10. You totally relate to CJ and Toby.