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We started FamousDC to talk about the awesome things all of you are doing in Washington, D.C. Well, every now and then one of our own goes out and does something incredible. Please join us in congratulating FamousDC co-founder, Amos Snead, on the launch of Bryant Row, LLC, a strategic

Louisa Imperiale is a DC mom and start-up founder. Her mission? To make you look better. Her app, Photox, connects you with real retouching professionals to make you the best you. No need for amateur Photoshop skills or hardcore gym workouts! Learn more about Louisa and why she created this

We recently saw CQ Roll Call reporter Abby Livingston‘s article on the upcoming Women’s Congressional Baseball game public roster and reached out to her. When she replied, her pure joy that Congressional Softball was back prompted us to ask her to write a guest post. But before we get to the best things about the game, there are a few things you should know about Abby: She is co-captain of the press team (hardcore), AKA “The Bad News Babe.” In real life she’s a political reporter at CQ Roll Call They play for charity, the Young Survivtal Coalition, which supports women under the age of 40 who have breast cancer Both teams practice twice a week at 7am (did we mention hardcore?) Get your tickets to the Fifth Annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game here or visit their main website She’ll be crushing it at the game on June 26th (True story, we had to postpone this article for batting practice. Again, hardcore.) Top Ten Things That Make Congressional Softball Great 10. Lynn Sweet’s garden gloves(Photo courtesy of Jeff Malet)  9. Former Rep. Laura Richardson leaving her ethics hearing so she’d be on time to the game last year.  8. Every other league I’ve ever played in made me remove my pearls and other jewelry before the game. This is how the Congressional Women’s Softball Game rolls.

**UPDATE April 30, 2013** We’ve just been tipped off by a staffer that Mario will be hired back. Long live the barber shop. Read the story of Mario and how the Senate Barber Shop almost closed for good:  After four decades spent in the Russell Senate Office Building’s basement, cutting

New members, new staff – it’s that time of year when the hill sees a lot of turn over and a bunch of fresh faces crop up among the seasoned veterans. Having been in your shoes and made several of these mistakes, FamousDC thought we’d share a few choice pieces

We’re thankful for you. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for the tips. Thank you for the pictures. Thank you for attending our events. And thank you for making FamousDC a fun adventure for all of us here at FamousDC to enjoy every day. From all of our families

As we close the books on 2011, we wanted to take a moment and look back on a year that brought us earthquakes, Weiner Tweets and magic tricks on the House floor. With the help of the good people at Google Analytics, we tracked the top FamousDC posts from the

New Media Strategies CEO and Founder Pete Synder just made a big announcement. [NMS] It’s always an exciting time of year here at New Media Strategies with the holidays, year-end wrap up and a ton of NMS Yuletide traditions.  This time of year always seems to be the best time for celebration

Thank you for reading FamousDC. We appreciate your tips, your links and your friendship. We hope you have a relaxing and safe holiday weekend. At some point over the Thanksgiving break, you’re going to get bored of your family. It’s inevitable. When that happens, we’ve got you covered. Below are

We have quite a few friends on Facebook, and like most of you, we haven’t met about 70% of them.  [and let’s be honest, we’re fine with that]  However, for the ones we do know, [and have met] we have a bone to pick; it involves the overuse of the

Dear Readers, For the 15th year in a row we didn’t get a Hover board under our Christmas tree – however, it ain’t all bad news. Christmas came late this year. Yesterday, we found out FamousDC has been nominated as one of Washington Post’s top area blogs – and while

FamousDC has for the past three years been a quest into online community development and social media engagement (5,688 posts and counting). And thanks to our amazing contributors and readers, in a matter of days we’ll be lucky enough to start our fourth year. The primary verdict? When you allow