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1. If Todd Akin gets the slice of king cake with the baby he will ask where the stork went.

2. Joe Biden will flash John Boehner and become outraged when all he receives is a flag pin.

3. You just can’t hang enough beads from the House Gallery. Or Nancy Pelosi’s neck.

4. Obama’s tableau will block the view of VP Biden and  Speaker John Boehner. And let’s be real, everyone watches for a) Joe’s smile or b) Boehner’s tears.

5. While crazy hats are encouraged on Bourbon Street, Rep. Wilson still won’t fit in.

6. Obama’s black sedan motorcade is not nearly flamboyant enough for Fat Tuesday. Going to need more feathers. Stat.

7. Krewe of the Donkeys and Krewe of the Elephants just don’t have a ring to them.  Krewe of the Whigs on the other hand…

8. The Justices definitely won’t be smiling in their redesigned gold, purple and green robes.

9. Handgrenades of all kinds are frowned upon in the Chamber…. and we all know how well Congress deals with Hurricanes….

10. However, on the bright side, we hear the Pope Mobile will be available to lead the parade. Pontifexit.