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Thank you for reading FamousDC. We appreciate your tips, your links and your friendship. We hope you have a relaxing and safe holiday weekend.

At some point over the Thanksgiving break, you’re going to get bored of your family. It’s inevitable. When that happens, we’ve got you covered. Below are a few of our favorite posts from the past few months

1. So you want to be a DC journalist?

Before wading into the unknown, take a spin around the DC Journo Board and see if you’re able to escape with your dignity intact. Look out for angry flacks, disgruntled Members of Congress and the occasional unfriendly editor. If you’re lucky, you’ll hop a ride on Air Force One, or better yet, get a parody Twitter feed made about you.

[Click to enlarge]

2. Capitol Hill Bingo

Well, over-worked and under-paid Congressional staffers, there is some hiatus from the weirdness that is Capitol Hill, and that would be the Capitol Hill Bingo Board.

If you witness any of the below events, mark it off on your Capitol Hill Bingo Board. [click to enlarge]


3. So you want to work on Capitol Hill? Hillstory flowchart

You’ve landed an internship on Capitol Hill and you finally figured out your way around Rayburn.

Now what?

FamousDC presents: The HILLstory Flowchart [view the flowchart] [download the PDF]

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