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Dear Readers,

For the 15th year in a row we didn’t get a Hover board under our Christmas tree – however, it ain’t all bad news.

Christmas came late this year. Yesterday, we found out FamousDC has been nominated as one of Washington Post’s top area blogs – and while being nominated is great, we’re hoping not to come in last place.  That’s where you come in.  If you have two minutes and thirteen seconds, could you click here and fill out the survey?  We’d certainly appreciate it and so would our contributors who work way harder than we do.

Also, Our friends from NMS are also nominated in a couple categories.  Please vote for Pete Snyder @petesnyder for favorite entrepreneur and NMSosphere @nmsosphere for favorite local business.  And show some famous love for @MNSiobal, @districttaco @emilymillerDC and “social butterfly” @BlairDC.

Thank you,

UPDATE: Snyder just told us that if NMS is fortunate enough to beat Taylor Gourmet in the best local biz category, that they’ll cater lunch from there.  However, if FamousDC wins best blog and NMS wins, perhaps we can convince Snyder to team up with FamousDC and other DC Tweeps winners and host a party at Taylor Gourmet.