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As we close the books on 2011, we wanted to take a moment and look back on a year that brought us earthquakes, Weiner Tweets and magic tricks on the House floor.

With the help of the good people at Google Analytics, we tracked the top FamousDC posts from the past year as determined by your clicks.

The Top 10 FamousDC Posts of 2011:

1. DC Earthquake Devastation [Photos]

We will rebuild.

FamousDC - DC Earthquake

Bachmann_Chris - FamousDC

3. Rules for Washington Tourists

This was a recycled post we originally posted in April 2008. Judging from the numerous reactions, it seems Washingtonians are still urging people to stand to the right.

4. Top 10 Rules For Facebook Photo Tagging

Give these rules a quick read and don’t post any picture of your friends posing with cats.

5. It’s My **** in a Tweet
Is a 2011 list complete without an Anthony Weiner mention?

6. HILLstory Flowchart: What’s Your Next Move? [Graphic]

You’ve landed an internship on Capitol Hill and you finally figured out your way around Rayburn.

Now what?


7.  Georgetown Waterfront Floods [Pictures]

Gtown-FLOOD - FamousDC

8.  Washington Journo Adventure

So you want to be a DC journalist?

9. The Gentleman From Illinois Rises In Order to Perform Congressional Magic Tricks

Jesse Jackson Jr. agrees with us – floor speeches are way better when they involve killer magic tricks.

10. Hawk and Dove Closing, Re-Opening

In 1967 the Hawk and Dove opened its doors – as of today, it’s been sold.


Thank you for stopping by to spend a few minutes with us this year. We can only hope 2012 will be as much fun as 2011.