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After months of speculation, arm-twisting and behind the scenes begging, Rep. John Doolittle looks like he’s calling it quits. The decision, which must have been a taxing one, is good news for the GOP and the rest of the Republican field in the CA-04 Congressional Race. John Bresnahan with …

HRC is going to notice the money well dry up quickly if she continues to bash the very same industries that are cutting her big campaign checks. Solid move Hill.

Josh Brown, kicker for the Seattle Seahawks, has gone Mr. Wizard on his warm-up pants. This has to be the dumbest thing a NFL kicker has ever done. Imagine what his fellow teammates are saying about him in the locker room.  

‘04 Presidential Loser Endorses Soon-to-be Loser In an act of desperation, Sen. John Kerry (D-Remember Me?) endorsed his colleague Barack Obama today. Obama, who was probably thrilled when he heard the news, will need more than an endorsement from a washed up snowboarder to win the nomination. Mr. Heinz, who’s …