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It’s Monday which means it’s a new week which means we’ve said goodbye to last week which includes everything that happened before – and over – the weekend, right?! Luckily we have the world wide web to remind us that’s not necessarily the case.

Just when you thought White House Correspondents’ weekend was over, the internet is here to remind you that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. DC’s most talked about weekend is still abuzz and whether you were #blessed to be in the middle of the action or just caught the highlights on Twitter, you probably have a good idea about how it went.

But just in case you avoided Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TV and the outdoors between Friday and Sunday, here are 8 things that people aren’t talking enough about.


1. Former Ambassador Susan Rice DJ’s parties now.


2. Stormy Daniels’ lawyer photobombed Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway on CNN #NotFakeNews


3. Speaking of, Michael Avenatti might’ve been the most photographed guest this weekend based on our Instagram feed.


4. But back to photobombs – who photobombed who here? (Our bets are on Spicer)


5. Quite the opposite of a photobomb is this perfectly and strategically crafted photograph of network news cover models.

Our Vanity Fair pose ahead of WHCD 2018! #nerdprom #gameface

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6. And then there’s the most graceful and elegant back seat selfie we’ve ever seen. (And safety didn’t even take a hit)

We ready! #WHCD @janai.norman #abcnews #uberbackseatselfie

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7. Ever wonder what Chef José Andrés thinks about food not made by him?


8. Aaaaand pretty sure no one knew Cardi B was in town this weekend.