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2003 Northwestern graduate Meghan Markle has been making news on her recent marriage to a certain Prince (who, we guess, you can call a political figure of sorts) — which made us think about the several alumni from Northwestern (undergraduate and post-graduate) covering various political figures in DC on a daily basis.

Here are 13 journalists contributing to the political coverage in our nation’s capital by way of Evanston, Illinois.


Julia E. Ainsley

DOH & DHS reporter – NBC News

Class of 2010


Peter Alexander

National Correspondent – NBC News

Class of 1998


Alex Altman

DC Bureau Chief – TIME

Class of 2007


Ashley Balcerzak

Federal Politics reporter – Center for Public Integrity

Class of 2014


Rafael Bernal

Staff writer – The Hill

Class of 2012


Michael Isikoff 

Chief Investigative Correspondent – Yahoo News

Class of 1976


Sylvan Lane

Financial reporter – The Hill

Class of 2015


Kelly O’Donnell

White House Correspondent – NBC News

Class of 1987


Elana Schor

Congressional reporter – POLITICO

Class of 2005


Kelsey Snell

Congressional reporter – NPR

Class of 2010


Steve Scully

Host of Washington Journal – C-SPAN

Class of 1985


Lynn Sweet

DC Bureau Chief – Chicago Sun-Times

Class of  1975


Dave Weigel

Political reporter –  Washington Post

Class of  2004