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Friday Round Up

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Weather: Bad news is that it’s supposed to rain on Saturday. Good news is that the temps won’t get above 90. The best news is that the humidity is expected to stay below 70%!

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: 

Watch Ratatouille from your car at the Union Market Drive-In; Sip on your share of 100 gallons of crab soup at an Annapolis crab feast; Check out a brand new Hirshhorn outdoor exhibitPretend you’re in Rio at Art Soiree Saturday night; Hit the 14th and U St. corridors for a massive sidewalk sale; Grilled. Cheese. Festival.


In a world where terror and fear are clouding our news feeds and our minds, one thing that remains clear is our need for kindness and charity. The Kindness365 crew recognizes that and that’s why they’ve dedicated all of their time to spreading that message.



Time Warner paid $5.8 billion for a 10% share of Hulu. Dayum, they need to Netflix and chill; Here’s hoping no one gets Zika while we’re going for the gold; Step aside Michael Scofield, Obama made his own prison break; Since when is Snapchat available on Instagram?; You can watch people be athletic from your couch, starting tonight!; “Mustache Pat” and “Tony the Cripple” were two of almost 50 suspected Mafia members arrested this week.; One small step for man, one big leap for this startupYou get a job, you get a job, you get a job!; Channing Tatum is playing a what?


Eat Less Chikin?; Get it together Metro; Now that’s what you call a field of dreams; A DC transit cop was charged with trying to aid ISISThe District restaurant scene is poppin’; You’re only true BFFs if you have friendship braceletsThanks, but no thanks, Hank; We’re just trying to be (virtual) realistic; Who wants to join us to promote positivity in DC?


Monthly Round Up: July 

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If the 2016 Presidential Campaign Was a High School Movie

Going for the Gold(schlager)

Happy Birthday, Cool-mander-In-Chief


Ah, rush hour. There are only two things in the world I hate more than rush hour. One of them being spiders and the other being that notification you get on your iPhone saying you haven’t backed up your iCloud in like 345 weeks. Like sending me an irritating notification is going to suddenly make me do it, but that’s for another rant.

Traffic jam in Los Angeles


Famous birthday wishes to Michael Clements, Andrew Dill, Lisa Chapman, Brad Wilson (rawl tyde!), Mike Madden, Ivy Williams Malone, The next Governor of Virginia Pete Snyder, Ryan Wrasse, Hope Wheeler, Tom Brandt, Travis Windle, Anna Sekulow, World famous Matt Dornic, Skye Earls Replogle, Jeff Urbanchuk , The pride of Mississippi Mary Kathryn Steel, Anna Ready, Meredith Griffanti, Catharine Cypher, Rachel Robinson, Marc Ambinder, Michael Biundo, David Bass, Lisa Chapman, Allie Freeman, Allie Browning, and Nate Politi.


“I know one thing for sure, Trump has lost the baby vote.”



Kelly Cole is on her way to ruling the world; Ask Julia Krieger about her all time favorite House Special Order floor speech; Does Professor Talan still read this far down?; Tell Andrew Kent congratulations on winning the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation Shoot-Out; Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman were on Chelsea Handler’s show; Follow Micah Johnson on Twitter as she tours 31 counties in Tennessee with Sen. Corker; Brian and Patrick Manion are hands down two of our favorites; When’s the next race, Mike Dunkle?; Cara Becker is movin’ on up!; Here’s our monthly “Where’s Mark Borelli?” inquiry; We’re cravin’ some Hawthorne brunch; Declan Garvey is the man!; Patrick Gavin really loves his drone; Did Bump go too far?; Gerry Smith is on fire and everything he writes is a must read; Don Seymour seems to be having a lot of fun on Facebook; Matt Haase works too hard; Kathryn Lehman has an impressive tackle bag; Tom DeLay met up with Jesus; Welcome to the world, Barnes Hiscock; Geoff Embler really loves his Clemson Tigers; Big congrats to Bitches Who Brunch on their incredible Midsummer Soiree; Stef Petropoulos is a SoulCycle pro; Catharine Cypher’s birthday is cause for serious celebration


Congratulations to former RNC communications director, Lisa Camooso Miller, on her new role at Reset Public Affairs; Kris Visselman, previously senior director of digital content and new products at Roll Call, will serve as editor in chief; Arianna Jones joins Revolution Messaging as senior vice president of public relations. Jones was previously the deputy communications director for the Sanders’ presidential campaign; Congratulations to Shawna Thomas on her new role as Vice News Washington Bureau Chief. Thomas was previously with NBC News for the past decade; Michael Bender joined the Wall Street Journal politics team after four years reporting at Bloomberg; David Herszenhorn will join Politico Europe as its Chief Brussels Correspondent; Sean Evins of Twitter is headed to London to work at Facebook; From LEVICK, Stephan Aaron joins Mercury as a senior vice president; Traci Schweizer, previously with NPR as senior director of talent acquisition and development, joins Politico as VP of human resources; Politico has also promoted Sandeep Hulsandra to VP of engineering, and Bobby Moran as general manager of Politico Pro; Elizabeth Wilner, previously NBC political director, joins Airbnb as managing editor for policy; Gov. Dan Malloy’s deputy chief of staff, Mark Bergman, will join Grossman Heinz as a senior associate at the end of the summer; The National Association of Counties welcomes Commissioner Bryan Dislodge as its new president; Additionally, the Wall Street Journal made a big announcement this week. In January 2017, Washington bureau chief Jerry Seib will be accepting a new title as executive Washington editor and chief commentator; And finally, congrats to Richard Hauser on his retirement as vice president and assistant general counsel for Boeing Government Operations. John Demers, previously deputy assistant attorney general for the Office of Law and Policy in the National Security Division of the DOJ, will succeed him.


Off to watch the Rio opening ceremony.