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Today, President Barack Obama turns 55. In his almost eight years as president, he has proven one thing: he’s cooler than you and pretty much everyone you know.

In his over half a century of fly-ness, he has wowed the kids (well, minus his own two daughters) with his presidential swagger. Here are our favorite moments of the classic Obama cool.

His taste in music is unsurprisingly hip.

POTUS listens to Outkast, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, and Mos Def. The world found out about his ear for good music after he released this Spotify playlist of his favorite jams.

He has very specific guacamole preferences.

He spoke the truth while bashing a seriously misinformed New York Times guac recipe that called for PEAS in the dip. Thank you for putting these guac heathens in their place, Obama.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.58.34 PM

He makes using a selfie-stick look, somehow, very cool.


He didn’t have an awkward phase.


No fair.

He knows how to parent.


On the Ellen Show, Obama explained that if Sasha or Malia get a tattoo, he and Michelle will each get the same tattoo in the same place. Matching fam tats!

He’s a good dancer.


And unlike some other presidents (cough, George W. Bush), he can really stay on beat.

#ObamaandKids. Enough said.



Happy Birthday, POTUS!