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Famous Friday Round Up


Weather: Mid-60s and sunny all weekend, but bring a cardigan: lows in the 40s.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Take a short trip to Virginia for the Middleburg Film FestivalHit up Boo at the Zoo; Get your zombie on and participate in Silver Springs Zombie Walk; Support our troops at the Marine Corps MarathonGet in the Halloween spirit and take a ghost tour of The National Building MuseumDon’t believe in ghosts? Take a Soul Stroll through the congressional cemetery.


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Exactly 25 years ago, voting became coolNorth Dakota uncomfortable as neighboring Canada elects world’s only tattooed leader; How do you make a Happy Meal sad?; NASA announces Earth may have head start on aliens, humanity still likely to squander it; Kangaroo recovered on Staten Island: none injured, dozens hopped-over; Doesn’t everyone have college fraternity paddles hanging in their officeCops seize coffee-drinking woman, on the prowl for donuts?; Venezuelan man grows world’s largest feet, Bernie Sanders would share the feet with everyone; Australian fried chicken franchise hires living hen as social media director; Kudos to all political spokespeople who continue to explain why their candidate is the one to beat – even though 90% of them are offering incorrect analysis.


How lunch and DC have changed over 40 yearsThe Ol’ Ebbitt is doing well; Jay Carney steps in to clear things upIf you haven’t picked a pumpkin in the DMV, you haven’t lived; Three Sisters Bridge almost wiped out your favorite DC neighborhoods; DC’s ghost highways make for a spooky autumn drive; Don’t leave, Millennials!; Benghazi hearing Snapchat filter because #thistown; Red Top Cab is adding more features to their app to compete with Uber; Metro will not increase fares or cut service, will focus instead on being slow and crowdedBill Cosby and Kim Jong Un have one more thing in common now; Bowser warrantless search plan bounces; House votes to extend D.C. private school voucher program; Boating + lunch + concert = DC Snapchat story.



DKThomp; RealMikeFox; NickMullen; Lansing; ByronTau; MikieBarb.


Sylvia Day; Rebecca Bohon Chatterjee; Brian Dodge; Kurt Bardella; James Kotecki; Phil Herndon; Neda Semnani; Jonathan Weisman; JC Scott; Antonia Ferrier; Sarah McDermond Henken; Blair Milligan Kossen; Jan Crawford (Roll Tide); Everyone’s favorite Tesla owner Casey Phillips; Annie Cleary; Nicole Desko; Daniel Holcomb; Carly Harrington; Elizabeth Ann; Emere Rose; Lindsey MacNaught; Kathryn Ellen; Naomi Hastings; Victor Giotto; Nicole Vona; Rachel Cole; MJ Girardi; Tracy Elizabeth; Viola Doles.


If there is a rap concert in DC and Jack Smith isn’t in the crowd, did it really happen?; Rodell Mollineau makes a great MC; Garrett Marquis is doing big things; Does Matt Lira still read this far down?; What has Brendan Buck been up to this week? We heard he’s been busy; You guys, we’re Back to the FUTURE now. Enjoy it. Make it count; “Only in America can the son of a bartender grow up to be the Speaker of the House.” -Speaker John Boehner; Ask Ellie Wallace if she still reads the Friday Round-Up; Brad Wilson updated his profile picture; These folks had a big week thanks to underdog Justin Trudeau —> Stephanie Cutter, Jen O’Malley Dillon, Teddy Goff; Eric Gustafson hung out with Lou Holtz this week; Chris Taylor doesn’t seem terribly excited about the Mets sweeping the Cubs; Jimmy B is always timely with his photo opsWhat color kicks will Jack Smith be wearing in Arlington tonight?; Happy Anniversary to Anna and Jordan Sekulow; Paging Tom Pyle; Tommy McFly doesn’t enjoy dog owners that don’t pick up after their dogs; Are you following the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Instagram yet? Because you should be; Carla Weiss makes quite an impression on RiteAide employees; Deana Bass has great slippers; John Patrick Feehery provides a great news feed on FB; Is there anyone on the planet that Elliot Berke hasn’t taken an awesome photo with?; Katie Patru and Ed Patru have some amazing kiddos; Geoff Tracy [aka Chef Geoff], do we need to institute an official boycott of “Chef Jeff’s”?; Amos Snead needs to wear quieter shoes; Brian Johnson owes a lot of people a burger; Morgan Gress never fails to be amazing; Will we see you in Boulder, Colorado next week for the RNC debate? RSVP here; Actually, we’re heading to Boulder, Iowa, New Hampshire, Charleston, Vegas and Miami. Get in touch with [email protected] if you want to partner; Ben Clark raps with DMC; This is the one Friday email Amanda Critchfield reads all the way to the end; Ask Jack Smith if Kanye West > Jay Z; Tell Kiki Burger congrats for throwing an epic party last night with all of her favorite friends: John Sykes; Rodell Mollineau; Ron Bonjean; Sara Bonjean; Kenny Day; Sylvia Day; Jack Smith; Chris Gindy; Nikki Schwab; Lindsey Miller; Gabby Wooten; Ashley Spillane; Tim Burger; Scott Logan; Adam Weiss; Hayley Dierker; Mark Drapeau; Sena Fitzmaurice; Garance Frank-Ruta; Tom Williams; Ben Sheffner; Christine Delargy; Jennifer Vinson; Ben Clark; Matt Dybwad; Doug Davenport; Michelle Edwards; Erin McPike; Nick Owens; Ericka Anderson is a success story; “The Official 2 Live Crew is now following you on Instagram” #brandgoals. Welcome to the team Noelle Clemente!


CQ Roll Call is making big changes! Melinda Henneberger is moving up the career path as she was named Editor in Chief; Matt Mansfield was named the VP of project innovation; One of Roll Call’s newest team members John Bennett has taken on the role of White House Reporter; CNN Politics welcomes its newest reporter, Greg Krieg; WGBH News brings on Arun Rath as its new correspondent; Kevin Merida the Washington Post and joins the ESPN team; Kevin Cirilli is wrapping up his position at The Hill and moving over to Bloomberg; Huffington Post’s polling team officially has an all-female team; Marcus Marby is leaving the NYT to join the Twitter Crew; John Cook of Gawker has been promoted to executive editor; Jill Hazelbaker is leaving her VP position at Snapchat and joining Uber; Abby Huntsman made her first appearance on on Fox News in her new reporter position at the network; Charlie Rose at CBS This Morning received the Walter Cronkite Award; Jay Carney vs. the NY TimesBloomberg is giving you 30 extra minutes with John Heilemann and Mark Halperin on their daily politics show; Team Rainbow makes changes at the Washington Post. 


See you on Tuesday, Boulder.