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  1. Co-host our FamousDC Boulder event next week. (!)
  2. Start a grim children’s puppet show business.
  3. Ride the wave of media coverage he’s going to get today like a Starburst commercial.
  4. Design ties, bolos and leather necklaces for gentlemen with necks larger than heads.
  5. Remove industrial asbestos by chewing it up and spitting it out.
  6. Produce handcrafted jerky by drying beef with his glare.
  7. Journey up the Nung river to finally bring Colonel Kurtz to justice.
  8. Hide in a large wooden donkey waiting to be dragged into the Democratic National Convention next August.
  9. Recycle glass back into sand with his bare foot.
  10. Surprise entry in WWE Royal Rumble, a win there may put him back in the race.
  11. Become a very strict timekeeper at the remaining presidential debates.
  12. Run as a Republican.