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Weather: Washingtonians are tough! We survived the mountains of snow and the monsoons that rained down for three weeks. After all that, it is finally paying off with that sweet smell of summer giving us temps in the 80’s and sunshine all weekend! Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Grab tickets

Leave your tents and sleeping bags at home: there’s a new trend that’s making its way around the U.S. called “glamping” – that’s glamorous camping, of course.  So what exactly does glamping entail, you might ask? Imagine trading in hard-to-assemble tents and Boy Scout-sized rations of food with the first

FAMOUS FORECAST Today will be cool but comfortable in the upper 60’s. Get ready for a rain storm right around rush hour this evening. FRIDAY JAM Brought to you by Taz Jones of Bryant Row. Life is way too short to spend it with your eyes only half open. Whether you

Of course there’s something to be said about seeing these beautiful blossoms in person, but if you’re stuck in the office, or just don’t want to fight the crowds, Mike Lurie has done you an incredible service. Here are the legendary DC Cherry Blossoms

Nothing says good morning like a cherry blossom bloom at sunrise. A veteran of our Through the Lens series, Jeremy Art captures another gorgeous scene in our nation’s capital.

FAMOUS FORECAST Spring has decided to come back to DC! Enjoy temps in the high 60’s and low 70’s by this afternoon. With no chance of rain in sight, it’s bound to be a beautiful day. WEDNESDAY JAM Who’s ready for summer 2016? We are. And so is Drake. WHAT YOU NEED

FAMOUS FORECAST Today will be mostly cloudy but we”ll see the temperatures rise to the upper 50’s and the sun come out in the afternoon around 3pm. TUESDAY JAM Brought to you by Taz Jones of Bryant Row.  When we told you about Aussie rocker Courtney Barnett earlier this year, she was

We’re finally as #instafamous as the dogs in our office! Well… Some of them. We’d like to share how excited we are to have 1000 followers by thanking all of you for your incredible support. Without you, we’d just be DC. Follow along with us, on our journey to bring

FAMOUS FORECAST Enjoy a beautifully sunny day in the district with temps in the mid 60’s. But seriously, enjoy it. It’s going to snow this weekend. FRIDAY JAM Brought to you by Taz Jones of Bryant Row. Life Advice: If you feel like dancing, do it. If it’s Friday, dance even

We held a little experiment, and it went like this: Question: If we attempt to pour a Guinness into a pint glass from the second story of our office, what percent of the beer would make it in the glass? A video posted by FamousDC (@famous_dc) on Mar 17, 2016 at

Everyone in DC is WELL aware that the Metro has announced it has shut down for 29 hours. Why 29 hours? We’re not really sure. In any case, hashtags including #NoMoMetro and #29hours have inundated the internet. It’s been all over the news, Twitter, Facebook, you name it. It’s the reason your

FAMOUS FORECAST Today’s forecast shows a high chance of angry commuters. Lots of them. WEDNESDAY JAM Brought to you by Taz Jones of Bryant Row. We love our advice; don’t you? When we told you momentum is key to crushing your week, we weren’t kidding (and we were right). You’re already

When news broke of the DC Metro shutting down for 29 hours for a massive safety inspection sparked by Monday morning’s electrical fire, Twitter had a field day. I mean come on, this is mass transit we’re talking about – mass transit in one of the most important cities in the world.

By now this should no longer come as a shock, Donald Trump is leading in the Republican Primary polls – okay it’s still shocking – but it is, in fact, a reality. And as the country draws closer and closer to determining who the party nominee will be, we were

There was a Sweet Sixteen in town and the guest of honor was Peter Mirijanian Public Affairs. PMPA celebrated its 16th anniversary of hard work and success the only way it knew how – with a party. The event took place last night at Teddy & The Bully Bar in Dupont Circle