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This is a post about food. New food in D.C. You’re welcome.

Even though it’s getting a little chillier outside, it doesn’t mean our food adventures have to end. It only means that we have to move them indoors (not quite the end of the world, but missing out on waterfront brunch is a tragedy all on it’s own). Here’s a list of a few of the newest foods coming to the District.

Shake Shack Debutes a New Burger

Burgers, spice, and everything nice. That’s what you can expect from the new jalapeño burger that Shake Shack will be selling in D.C. Washingtonian Magazine revealed that the beloved burger joint’s newest treat will be available at the locations in Penn Quarter and Dupont Circle. The burger was inspired and created in honor of chef Rachel Ray for the 10th anniversary of her magazine.

Driftwood Kitchen Will Be Selling Cocktail Cereals for Lunch

Yes, you read that right. The Washington City Paper revealed that Driftwood Kitchen will start offering brunch-goers cereal with cocktails instead of milk (it’s like our seven-year-old selves met our grown-up selves and came up with a brilliant treat). The newest addition to the brunch menu is the brainchild of bartender Eric Morris. Get ready for Cinnamon Toast Crunch and eggnog, and Fruity Pebbles featuring a Tom Collins. Make sure to mix-everything together just like you did as kid.


Crisp Kitchen + Bar Will Be Opening In Northwest D.C.

Washington DC Eater shared with us the news that Crisp Kitchen + Bar will be debuting on 1837 1st Street, NW. For all you Costa Brava lovers out there, we would like to extend our apologies, since this Crisp Kitchen + Bar will be replacing it (RIP Costa Brava). But don’t cry just yet, since the new eatery will be featuring an awesome new menu of diner foods and bar favorites. We’re looking forward to trying their homemade pickles.

Pizza Brunch

Pizza brunch is now a thing, and we can’t wait to try it. Washingtonian Magazine published a list of six D.C. spots to grab a great brunch pizza. Of course, we checked out the list and one in particular caught our eye. Matchbox, which has multiple locations throughout the city, is serving a Mexican style pizza for brunch (think of all the awesome possibilities that were just opened). It’s a pizza with smoked gouda, sausage, pico de gallo, chipotle sour cream, and scrambled eggs. #pizzabrunch