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The Washington Nationals embark on yet another journey to the World Series (hopefully)! We caught up with Chef Vince Navarrete to see (and taste) what Nats fans and baseball-goers can expect this year at Nats Park.

The Beer Institute is excited for #OpeningDay and they want you to be too. Learn about ways they are working in our communities so that we all can enjoy a cold beer without striking out.

DC interns are back [and DCist has their best quips so far] You may not believe it but it costs less to live near Nats Park [than it does to live near Fenway] DC might host the [MLB all-star game this year] Photo by Laurie Shaull

With the Nats home opener just a week away, we’re gearing up watching C-SPAN clips of politicians talking about baseball.

We’re ready for an entire season of Natitude. Charlotte Sellmyer works as a Cap Hill flack by day and photographer by night. She frequently shoots events, portraits and sites around the district. Followlike or visit Charlotte’s blog to see more great photographs.

Ready for some #Natitude. h/t Brian Johnson

Jeremy Art kicks off opening day.

Anyone wondering why there were so many Phillies fans at the Nats Opening Day?  [typical] The main way the Phillies avoided having to build a Trojan horse to gain access? The Nationals ticket office put no restrictions on the amount of group tickets that well-organized Phillies fans could buy before …

Nationals Park opens today. WaPo has an interactive map for your own virtual tour. Boswell: Upon Inspection, New Home Has Some Sweet Aspects to It Sommer Mathis: Nationals Park Songs Selected

…But if you want opening day tickets, you’re too late.  Those suckers sold out within minutes. Click here for tickets to all other games. [Ben’s Chili Bowl]