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Anyone wondering why there were so many Phillies fans at the Nats Opening Day?  [typical]

The main way the Phillies avoided having to build a Trojan horse to gain access? The Nationals ticket office put no restrictions on the amount of group tickets that well-organized Phillies fans could buy before traveling down in buses. These group tickets were placed on sale well before individual tickets were ever made available to the public and allowed the group from Phillies Nation to buy a whopping 530 tickets for fans and friends of the blog.

It gets even better: The Phillies fans didn’t even have to lift a finger.

What’s even more galling to Nats fans is Brian Michael of Phillies Nation revealing that he didn’t even have to take his own initiative to purchase the seats. He says a Nats ticket rep called him last December based on a previous ticket purchase he had made with the team. The folks at Phillies Nation are fine people and you certainly can’t blame them or other Phillies fans for taking the opportunity offered.

Our team deserves better.