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***ROUND UP PRESENTED BY The American Gaming Association*** The American Gaming Association has released new research estimating that Americans will bet more than $2 billion through more than 70 million brackets on March Madness this year. With more people filling out brackets than casting a ballot for President Obama – who makes …

If you live in or around the District and consider yourself a foodie you already know the name Jose Andres. If you don’t, sit back, uncork a nice bottle of wine, kick your feet up and reevaluate your entire life. José is the Bear Bryant of DC chefs and the driving force behind concepts such as: Jaleo, Oyamel, Zaytinya, Minibar and the famous Pepe food truck.

If you’re a suburbanite in the DC metro area, you may want to know this important information. Maryland is not as bad as Virginia. This is in light of “physical and emotional health, healthy behaviors, work environment, social and community factors, financial security, and access to necessities such as food, …

The hip-hop loving Congressman Trey Radel talks about rap, his love of Rasika, various mayonnaises, and why the House would beat the Senate in a food fight I didn’t know too much about the Freshman class of the 113th Congress except that we got a bunch of bros from North Carolina (my home state) and that there was a Congressman from Florida who loves hip-hop. His name is Trey Radel, and he’s basically awesome (new bro-crush, move over Paul Ryan). I sat down with Congressman Radel, a fellow early 90s hip-hop connoisseur, to get the scoop on his love for music, and of course, find out he’s eating! The Congressman was more than happy to chat. I’m always curious why Members of Congress decide to run for office. It’s not super glamorous, there are crazy long hours, even crazier long travel hours, and their pay…well, we all have the Google machine. Rep. Radel didn’t run because he had to, he ran because he wanted to.

With the launch of their new website, online ordering (amen) and expansion to cities outside of DC, the sweetgreen folks have released a video on just how the sweet life got started.

A beer snob with a reporting problem gives us the scoop on the best bars to be seen, not seen, and her yeas and nays on entertaining. If you’ve been in DC for more than an hour, you probably know Nikki Schwab, or at least of her. You definitely have seen her work all those times you were stuck on the Red Line, and you’ve certainly seen her out and about at all of the District’s hottest parties and events, either covering them for a story, hiding in the bushes stalking celebrities, or imbibing beverages because it’s DC and that’s what we do.

A Profile of One Chef & Three Owners Doing Everything Right at Beuchert’s How they’re locally sourcing, scratch making everything, preserving DC’s history, and proving Tom Sietsema was completely wrong. Welcoming, warm, and comfortable; old made new again; timeless in a place surrounded by the constant movement of people carrying ideas to shape and mold the world. The place is Beuchert’s Saloon, the wood is worn and bares the imprints of footsteps from the family whom called this place home in the 1800s. Rich with history; the colors deep, dark, telling stories – if you know to ask – of a DC gone, but never forgotten. The atmosphere is fantastically original, yet reminds you of your favorite bar in Alphabet City, the ski lodge where you had the best cider of your life in Jackson Hole, that old saloon in Austin that made the best burger you’ve ever had, or a memory of family and friends – Beuchert’s is truly a bar that everyone can, and should, call home.

Meet Tony Velazquez. Tony and his wife Teresa are the dynamic duo behind Georgetown’s Baked and Wired, an artsy coffeehouse that serves up fresh brewed coffee and delicious handmade baked goods – there are even treats for your dogs! Tucked away on Thomas Jefferson Street, Baked and Wired often has lines out the door that locals are always willing to cope with. FamousDC had the chance to chat with Tony, and he gave us the inside scoop on what makes Baked so addicting.

The Italian-born Chef at Al Tiramisu chats about his passion for fresh ingredients & love of cooking You’ve walked past it a million times, or at least something like it. A busy row of restaurants, a grocery store, a sandwich shop, a liquor store, an awning with a jester on it, a pizza place; a seemingly endless row of options and choices. Yet this particular awning with a jester on it nestled on P Street NW right off Dupont Circle, is home to an eccentric bald Italian with a red scarf around his neck and bow tie pasta fabric shaped buttons on his Chef’s coat, who is doing incredibly simple yet amazing things with impeccably fresh product. His name is Luigi, and his restaurant is Al Tiramisu.

Something is happening this weekend where the food and local culture decided to explode. From new brunch spots to DC art to local musicians, we’ve got a line up that’s sure to give you a heavy helping of the best of DC this weekend.

If you’re anything like me, this warm weather has prompted a few double takes in the mirror as the prospect of skimpy dresses and short shorts starts to become a reality. I’ve spent the winter sustained almost entirely on cubed cheese and cheap reception wine after 7pm while justifying skipping my morning run on account of the freezing weather. If winter has caught up to you, too, then thank SpaceX founder Lawrence Williams and Elizabeth’s on L for trying to help you out. A while back, Williams recognized that frequent restaurant hoppers are often completely unaware that most of their sit-down meals out contain more calories than the average fast food meal. “I have long had a concern about the lack of incentives for restaurants and the foodservice industry to serve healthier foods, which I’m convinced has been a significant contributor to the obesity and diabetes epidemics in the United States.” He decided to quit his job to establish the United States Healthful Food Council (USHFC) and develop a nutrition and sustainability best-practices certification program for restaurants. The program, REAL (Responsible Epicurean Agricultural Leadership), connects people who want to eat healthy, sustainable meals with the restaurants that provide them.

The Culinary Helm & Heart behind Capitol Hill Staple Ted’s BULLETIN  Ted’s BULLETIN: never heard of it, go now. Worried they won’t have something you like? Stop it, just go now. You don’t like leaving downtown for the Hill for lunch? Shut up already, will you please just go now! It’s not just the 1950s diner/malt-shop inspired motif that makes you feel comfortable. In fact, more often than not this border line “cliché” feeling can turn off some diners. But not here, not at Ted’s BULLETIN, and not with Chef Eric Brannon manning the helm. Overseeing the culinary aspect of Ted’s since its opening, Chef Eric believes in quality product – as evidenced by the housemade pop-tarts, pastries, burgers, and malts they are known for – but also quality service. Treating the lobbyist in a suit ordering a grilled rib-eye the exact same as the Eastern Market-dwelling mom and her two kids (stroller in tote and all) ordering milkshakes and sugar-coma inducing homemade pop-tarts, Chef Eric believes everyone should feel comfortable here. Ted’s BULLETIN is proof that one can pull off a theme-inspired restaurant if there is heart behind the meatloaf and black and white movies broadcast in the back room. Thankfully Chef Eric was able to make time in his schedule to pull up a chair and chat about why he loves Ted’s, what his food philosophy is, and an exclusive, sneak peak at what’s next in store for the popular matchboxfoodgroup.

Feasting Famously with Tucker Carlson A man truly living in his own Never, Never Land of food Some might know Tucker Carlson as the conservative knight in pastel bow-tie armor who battled the fire-breathing Ragin’ Cajun’ himself, James Carville, when they co-hosted CNN’s Crossfire. Others know him for his political commentary on networks such as MSNBC, and still ongoing, Fox News. However most recently, people will likely think of his wildly successful online journalism effort in launching The Daily Caller, a political news website reported to easily average over one million visitors every month. I know Tucker as a down-to-earth guy who loves Phish, The Grateful Dead, and liberal use of profanity.But what of Tucker Carlson and food? Surely he must subsist on more than a diet of Ayn Rand and coffee? Right? I sat down with the man himself to find out.

Moldy Taters. Apparently, freshness in the Longworth cafeteria is on recess, too.  

Did somebody say football?!?  Set your fantasy lineup, grab the clicker, and settle into the best seat in the house — it’s football season, baby!  Make yourself a tasty snack (or two).  It’s going to be one rockin’ weekend. Frito Pie with 1 Hour Texas Chili via Steamy Kitchen Bacon and Pecorino Popcorn via A Spicy Perspective Loaded Baked Potato Dip via Brown Eyed Baker Habanero Lager Mustard via Savory Simple Better-Than-Crack Brownies via How Sweet It Is Photo credit: Jaden