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Meet Tony Velazquez.

Tony and his wife Teresa are the dynamic duo behind Georgetown’s Baked and Wired, an artsy coffeehouse that serves up fresh brewed coffee and delicious handmade baked goods – there are even treats for your dogs! Tucked away on Thomas Jefferson Street, Baked and Wired often has lines out the door that locals are always willing to cope with. FamousDC had the chance to chat with Tony, and he gave us the inside scoop on what makes Baked so addicting.

1. Can you give a brief history of Baked and Wired – how you started, the name, the people behind it?

Although I’d like to think we (Teresa and I) were bored and were looking for something fun to do, it was really a desperate attempt in finding a way to pay for our kid’s school tuition that drove us to open the store twelve years ago. We wanted a name that would let folks know that we sold baked goods – baked – and coffee – wired. The double entendre worked well enough for us, and I think it has worked well as our brand. We headed down an edgy path of names and labels that have made many a grown woman crack a smile. Teresa is the cooker – the one who conjures all those wickedly tasting pies, cakes and bars that people stand in line for. She owns the bottom half of the store, and I own the top half, full of empty wall space and air.

2. From cupcakes to cake pops, baked goods have become quite competitive, especially in Georgetown. Which of your baked goods, in particular, would you like to give a shout out for locals to try?

We are zoomed into Hippie Crack – our homegrown granola. More addictive than caffeine and possibly illegal in the 51st state.

3. Your great coffee has become just as popular as your baked goods. Can you tell us more about your selection and the desire to focus on coffee?

Way back in the 2000’s we made a commitment to offer excellent coffee, so we poured our heart into it, just like we were doing with our baked stuff. Offering high quality coffee is a world in itself, which requires not only smelly, surly baristas but also a great deal of technical knowledge and relentless passion. We owe it all to our staff who regardless of mile long lines of coffee cups on the bar continue to pull excellent shots, pour amazing drinks and are able to share their happiness throughout the day.

4. Who is behind the chalkboard questions you have in the coffee section of the shop?

Contrary to widespread rumors, Dorothy Parker is not dead. She just transferred her spot on the Algonquian table to Alex Shinko, so chances are that anything written on a Baked chalkboard, any tweet or Instagram posting probably came from somewhere inside her noggin.

5. Baked and Wired is notorious for having insanely long lines on the weekends. What’s a favorite DC eatery of yours that you’re always willing to stand in line for?

I think that there’s this no-name food truck that parks during the pre-dawn hours in unnamed, deserted alleys throughout the city. The lines for low-grade kaymak are unimaginable. Other than that, I’m always willing to stand in line for my wife Teresa’s cooking. Cupcakes are nothing compared to her homemade pizza. Ask around.