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If you’re anything like me, this warm weather has prompted a few double takes in the mirror as the prospect of skimpy dresses and short shorts starts to become a reality. I’ve spent the winter sustained almost entirely on cubed cheese and cheap reception wine after 7pm while justifying skipping my morning run on account of the freezing weather. If winter has caught up to you, too, then thanks to one of the founding executives of SpaceX, Lawrence Williams, and Elizabeth’s on L for trying to help you out.

A while back, Williams recognized that frequent restaurant hoppers are often completely unaware that most of their sit-down meals out contain more calories than the average fast food meal. “I have long had a concern about the lack of incentives for restaurants and the foodservice industry to serve healthier foods, which I’m convinced has been a significant contributor to the obesity and diabetes epidemics in the United States.” He decided to quit his job to establish the United States Healthful Food Council (USHFC) and develop a nutrition and sustainability best-practices certification program for restaurants. The program, REAL (Responsible Epicurean Agricultural Leadership), connects people who want to eat healthy, sustainable meals with the restaurants that provide them.

Last night, Elizabeth’s on L hosted policy-makers and opinion leaders in the restaurant industry for the EAT REAL DC launch party. Guests were served organic wine and all-natural sodas while munching on all raw, organic, vegan snacks. If you’re raising an eyebrow—I understand, it didn’t sound appetizing to me either. After giving a few small bites a chance, my mind was completely changed. The chamomile soup, Portobello mushroom sliders, and chickpea puree on a pistachio crust were like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. If I could have someone cook like that for me every day I think I’d give the raw diet a real chance. However, is there an organic whiskey distiller? If you can get in, give Elizabeth’s on L a try. Once a week, Executive Chef Jonathan Seningen creates a Six Course Raw Foods Tasting menu for a lucky group of diners.

For more information on the REAL Certification or USHFC visit USHFC.org or Eat-REAL.org and make sure to follow USHFC and Elizabeth’s on L on Twitter!