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New York Magazine has gathered an impressive collection of photos of children not having a great time at the White House Easter Egg Roll. It’s amazing. You should look at it.  

DC interns are back [and DCist has their best quips so far] You may not believe it but it costs less to live near Nats Park [than it does to live near Fenway] DC might host the [MLB all-star game this year] Photo by Laurie Shaull

When you work on the Hill, certain tasks can take over the time you spend at the job. We put the call out to our chief of staff friends to ask how their time is spent at work. This week, we have how a Capitol Hill chief of staff’s day can sometimes be divided. Click on the preview above to see the full animated infographic.

Remember when Maketto’s opening was hotly anticipated? Even we wrote an article about it. The Washington Post gathered DC’s anticipation and wrote this down it for history’s sake. March 26, 2015: “D.C.’s most anticipated spring openings … The project is a long time coming, but construction finally seems to have moved …

Extinguishing fire WITH SOUND. Amazing. Two George Mason students figured this out. What have you done lately?

Pallavi Damani Kumar is a full-time professor in American University’s School of Communication and the Division Director for the Public Communication. Ever since I graduated as an undergraduate from American University’s School of Communication, I wanted to teach in the program. I felt like AU helped me discover my true passion in public relations and strategic communication, and teaching was a way of giving back. Eight years after graduation, after working in New York and Philadelphia, I was headed back to DC, and my first goal was to fulfill a long-held dream of mine to teach in the Public Communication division.

A 245-room micro-hotel is being planned in Chinatown at 6th and H Streets, Washington Business Journal reports. … the city’s developers have been much slower to jump on micro-hotels (also called pod or capsule hotels). The basic idea is that most travelers don’t spend that much time in their hotel …

Please? Popville says it is an April Fool’s prank – read their reasoning.

The Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner resulted in many excellent jokes, as well as this amazing video. Members of Congress read mean Tweets about themselves.

We’re all on Facebook. Even if you “hate Facebook” and “are never on Facebook” you have to admit, you take likes on your posts into account just like everybody else. We’ve made a few observations on what it’s like to update your status in this well-connected town we call home. …

Famous Friday Round Up   ROUNDUP PRESENTED BY FLYWHEEL SPORTS On March 31, Flywheel Sports, the indoor cycling brand rapidly expanding across the United States and abroad, is opening its first DC studio in the Dupont neighborhood. Occupying the former Visions Cinema space at 1927 Florida Avenue, NW, this will be Flywheel’s largest locale to date, …

When you work on the Hill, certain tasks can take over the time you spend at the job. We polled our press secretary and former press secretary friends to ask how their time is or was spent at work. This week, we have how a Capitol Hill press secretary’s day can sometimes be divided.

The news is serious business. All day, influencers, lawmakers and everyday citizens follow DC reporters on Twitter to get the latest on what’s happening not only in DC but nationally. We have to be honest – sometimes we just follow them for the jokes.

Meet Brandon Byrd. He started a vintage mobile eatery paying homage to the Rock & Roll era, serving turtle pecan sundaes, rootbeer floats, doughnut sandwiches, and other amazing treats to District Citizens out of a restored 1952 step van. Named one of the best food trucks in DC, Goodies is now also a stand at National Harbor. We caught up with him about work and life in DC.

by Nicole Tieman DC is full of endless distractions. Just looking out your window can provide hours of entertainment; my view of K Street features a steady stream of business people walking briskly to important appointments and lunch meetings; tourists who I assume wandered too far from the National Mall …