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Wow. We can’t believe we just found this. Easterns Motors has their own blog.  Go visit the site, register to win a Super Ride, and remember, your job’s your credit

Andrew Sullivan pens a very insightful piece regarding the blog movement. He also includes a few notes about a conversation with the mighty Drudgester. Go ahead and spend a few minutes to read this. We have a feeling it’ll be referenced for years to come. Andrew Sullivan: Why I Blog

Rep. Michelle Bachmann: ‘I never called liberals anti-American’

A tipster spotted a “Joe the Plumber” supporter on Capitol Hill Saturday afternoon.  It looks like this is catching on.

Who doesn’t want an NFL MVP to back-up your starting RB? AP: Former MVP Shaun Alexander signs with Redskins Former league MVP Shaun Alexander signed with the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, part of a flurry of roster activity in which the team ditched its punter, shuffled its safeties and displayed …

Well, we’ve seen everything else this campaign season. Why not? Thankfully this should all be over soon.

when a bird doesn’t poop in your mouth.

Has anyone else been stuck in line at the Chi-Cha Lounge? When nobody is hanging inside? Can’t take it anymore? Neither can Roissy in DC.

Today is a holiday. Many of you won’t read this until Tuesday … so we’ll keep it brief. We’re getting dumber Some D.C. laws should stay on the books Cooley’s picks slip Smart money is leaving San Francisco MLB playoffs are in full swing

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Do you think things are bad? … You could… turn off the TV … hang in the dumps … ring the alarm bell … lead the team in catches or drop hockey pucks

Did you see any of your FamousDC K Street friends, colleagues, or relatives in today’s Doonesbury?

Something here doesn’t belong: a) Wall Street bailouts b) 700 point drops c) sucking thumbs Daniel Reilly: RSC Defends Bailout Opposition Another RSC member, Rep. Michele Bachmann, said it was wrong to accuse Republicans of simple knee-jerk opposition to the bill, especially when so many Democrats voted against it as …