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Jordy Yager: Longworth building temporarily evacuated  The Longworth House Office Building was evacuated Thursday afternoon after a steam pipe malfunctioned on the fifth floor.

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Cooley Zone: Congrats to Redskins Pro Bowlers

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Last night we experimented with our Twitter friends. We wrote: “Who wants to be FamousDC’s first Twitterer of the Day? Be the first to send us a public reply and we’ll feature you tomorrow.” Within seconds, Lauren Cook responded: “No whammies, No whammies!” Well, she didn’t hit any whammies and …

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Michelle Rhee turns DC fame into national fame. She’s been on quite a media tear with a Washingtonian profile, an Atlantic Monthly profile and now the cover of Time Magazine. DCist‘s Kriston Capps tiptoes around calling DC’s Education Czar Michelle Rhee FamousDC: This cover illustrates a couple of interesting phenomenons: …

Has anyone seen Bloomberg News reporter Nicholas Johnston lately? If not, you should call him. We’re pretty sure he kicked off for the Chargers last night.

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Now that Obama is President, will the next version of Microsoft Word stop auto-correcting his name to Osama?

You gotta tackle these things early. AP: Obama Eyes College Football Playoff

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Happy Monday. How was your weekend? Here’s the DC update if you’re stuck on the trail knocking on doors and making calls. Texas Tech shocked the world Following Jay Z is tough Not sure if it moved any votes, but damn funny. Who doesn’t want pork knives? Head’s up – …

Here’s a quick and dirty weekend review to enjoy with your Monday morning coffee: Lots of heroes around town as the Marine Corps Marathon was Sunday … Santana Moss erupted and the Skins won again … Campaign attacks becoming more frequent … Jennifer Crider convinced her GOP mom to vote …