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Overheard in an elevator on Capitol Hill a few minutes ago: Ed Markey: "Climate change bill is the like the Susan Boyle of legislation." Thanks to our hill tipster "Nats fan"

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what’s up arlington : Arlington – the Hot Place for Political Food In case you didn’t see the news, President Obama and VP Biden lunched today at Arlington’s own Ray’s Hellburger . … And this past weekend, a group of Republicans held an event at Pie-Tanza .

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Covering politics can be tricky. [THIS MORNING – in print edition ] Alex Bolton: Specter courts conservatives in Pa. rematch Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) has been laying the groundwork for a grudge rematch against former Rep. Pat Toomey since 2004, when Specter almost lost his seat to the conservative firebrand. …

Heating up … CQ: Pelosi knew "contents" of Harman wiretap During a roundtable with reporters yesterday, Pelosi said: “All [investigators] said was that [Harman] was wiretapped.” [I]ntelligence officials let Pelosi know about the wiretap and its contents , according to the three former national security officials. "She knew. We made …

Why would someone blessed with the gift of gab, like Ellen Moran, leave the powerful White House Communications Director spot for the Department of Commerce? Politico: Moran Leaves W.H. for Commerce Especially if she has such a smooth way with words? Asked why she’d leave the White House for a …

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Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie: The Stalkers The guy came clean and told me that he wanted to spy on his girlfriend because he is convinced that she is cheating on him. She was supposed to be in her bed early, at least that was what she told him …

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Happy Monday. Did you see Arnuld and Maria in DC? Was there anything else we missed this weekend? College basketball turned upside down as UNC learned to fear the turtle . Trouble brewing in the Blonde Charity Mafia world . There was some news about the Oscars . Oh, and …