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FamousDC birthday wishes go out to Mr. John Stanton. Happy birthday you crazy, bar bouncing, Congress reporting, firework selling, American badass.

Slow Dancing [old dudes] US population [clock]

We hope Rahm enjoyed his time at Johnny’s Half Shell last night. We didn’t know he liked oysters so much; it’s too bad this never made it into Rahm’s inbox.

DCist: Tracy’s Kids Benefit Nets Famous for D.C. We love this game.

Potomac Flacks, originally founded by Adam Kovacevich, is celebrating a pretty impressive milestone: We here at Potomac Flacks greatly appreciate you reading our free blog, which is dedicated to chronicling the highs and lows and the comings and goings of Washington, D.C. communicators.  Since the blog was launched on September …

Rachel McEney is having a big Friday [Senatized]

Yeah, it was so good the first time that we decided to do it again. Obama re-re-re-re-mix! Susan Davis: So Nice He Did It Twice: Obama Retakes Oath In a move that will disappoint burgeoning conspiracy theorists, President Barack Obama retook the oath of office this evening after Chief Justice …

Operation Inauguration [DC Concierge] Cover me [Obama] Green [inaugural] Metro [empty]

We hope Rick(y!) enjoyed his Belgian beers last night. Check it, we beat Mike Allen’s Playbook — with no RB hat tip

Why The Redskins Will Continue To Poop the Nest [little man’s disease]

Does Juwan Howard owe Luke Russert money?

It looks like there were some pissed off Deaniacs yesterday. JoMa: Lei-off: Obama Snubs Dean “The snub today was no accident,” said one Dean ally. “I guarantee you he would have rescheduled his trip if asked to attend. It’s easy to [screw] over people when you are riding high in …

Can someone please give this guy a hug? [theslot]

A Famous D.C. voice stated long ago.