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Everyone in DC is WELL aware that the Metro has announced it has shut down for 29 hours. Why 29 hours? We’re not really sure. In any case, hashtags including #NoMoMetro and #29hours have inundated the internet. It’s been all over the news, Twitter, Facebook, you name it. It’s the reason your coworker sprinted through the door 46 minutes late today looking like they traveled through a tornado on a unicycle. It’s dramatic.

We get it.

Well apparently other businesses around town aren’t appreciating all the attention that Metrorail is getting. Some are beginning to get jealous. One particular fitness company went to such great lengths so as to SHUT DOWN their business, alerting all of its staff and customers of the closure, only to announce they were REOPENING the business a few hours later.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.05.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.05.39 PM

How long was the gym willing to pull this stunt? At 10:01 PM Tuesday night, Results Gym announced that the Capitol Hill fitness center would be closing for good at the stroke of midnight. Much to many patrons’ surprise, the gym sent another email the next morning stating that it would be reopening and running on its normal schedule starting 5 AM Thursday. Let’s see here, midnight Wednesday to 5 AM Thursday. That’s about 1…2…3…







Okay Results gym, is this April fools come early? Were you just hoping to get a little attention during all the metro mayhem? Or is this really just a crazy coincidence?

Whether this was the result of really bad PR, or really amazing PR – thank you for giving us enough conspiracy theory material to distract ourselves for an entire day 29 hours.