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This joke never gets old. Post by Barack Obama.

Spotted on Capitol Hill’s 8th Street

The best basketball player in the White House Press Corps, Hans Nichols asks all the the tough questions. h/t Matt Dornic

BlainR Enjoy it while it lasts … RT @marcadelman: Photo from the best view in Washington. Speaker Pelosi’s balcony!

Talk amongst yourselves POLITICO’s Keach Hagey: White House scorecard: MSNBC up, bloggers down

WTOP: Rains today bring 1 to 3 inches WASHINGTON — The heavy rains and chance of storms in the next two days are a welcome relief from the recent summer drought for farmers and gardeners, but the area will remain far short of the average rainfall for this time of …

No, Mr. Bardella, this has nothing to do with LeBron James. National Geographic Channel is remembering the pivotal day with Witness: DC, which reveals how the day unfolded in Washington, DC. Below is a brief description, as well as a couple of video excerpts: WITNESS: DC Monday, September 6 at …

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Did you take a private jet to Las Vegas and get arrested for cocaine possession? [Paris Hilton] Do you think John Mayer could take Ryan Grim? [full of sh*t] “OMG, there are so many of them here …” [Journolist] Happy Monday. Let’s rock this week.

August is so close we can smell it. Happy Monday. Let’s rock this week.

We’re going lobbying! Time Magazine’s Steven Brill: On Sale: Your Government. Why Lobbying Is Washington’s Best Bargain

Photo by: Christopher Gindlesperger, aka NotNotGindy It is hot in Washington, D.C. Damn hot. Even the occasional breeze is on strike and not showing up. Do you know what goes well with sweltering heat? American Flag Apparel. The 4th of July tourists are ironing their favorite red, white, and blue …

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Meet Rick Klein. He Tweets from the hospital room when his child is born and covers politics and hosts Top Line for ABC News. In addition to that, Mr. Klein was recently promoted to Senior Washington News Editor for ABC “World News.” Rick was kind enough to spend a few …

He’s got a good point … Thaddeus McCotter U.S. Soccer team got robbed out of winning goal by the referee! “Open hand diplomacy” clearly not working in World Cup.