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No, Mr. Bardella, this has nothing to do with LeBron James.

National Geographic Channel is remembering the pivotal day with Witness: DC, which reveals how the day unfolded in Washington, DC.

Below is a brief description, as well as a couple of video excerpts:


Monday, September 6 at 10PM ET/PT

Witness: DC reconstructs the attack on the nation’s capital moment by moment entirely through home video; fire, rescue and police footage; and news coverage.  Footage from the Pentagon crash site taken shortly after impact captures a raw view of the devastating aftermath.  Meanwhile, cameras throughout the city document the chaotic evacuation of congressional leaders and other officials from the Capitol and White House.  Go inside Air Force One, where reporters watch news coverage of the towers burning; relive how the confusion, rumors and misinformation alarmed citizens on the ground; and listen to air traffic control grapple with the potential of another hijacked plan targeting the White House.

Video “Politicians Panic” – Only moments after the bombing of the World Trade Center, DC churns with panicky energy.

Video “Waiting for a Second Attack” Nearly an hour after a plane hit the Pentagon, DC braces for a second terrorist attack amid rumors and panic.

Preceding Witness: DC is Giuliani’s 9/11, which looks back at the day from the perspective of the former mayor.