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We have so many questions (What committee is this? What staff? Why does he have an iPad? Do you think this will go on his resume? Can you fly drones in Committee hearings?)

Aaron Blake at The Fix said it best, it’s “the craziest sentence about a Florida congressman you will read this week.”


ORLANDO, Florida — A trial to determine whether U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson’s wife committed bigamy when she wed the congressman has been delayed because she required emergency surgery to remove breast implants.

Don’t ever change, Congressman. And let us know if you’re hiring.


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headerLet’s just start with this, rule one of Cloture Club‘s SOTU drinking game:

Drink for as long as Nancy Pelosi hugs the President when he enters the chamber.

Not convinced this is the drinking game for tonight? Let’s examine one more:

Bounce a quarter in a shot glass and drink when Obama says “free education.”


The others are a must see – download the PDF here.  Take an extra shot if you print it out using taxpayer resources.

(Uncle Joe will be proud.)


Are you a new member of Congress? This guy has advice for you.


Photo by John Sonderman from the FamousDC Flickr pool.

Story Partners, a leading strategic public affairs firm in D.C., recently sat down with some of the energy industry’s top leaders to discuss the implications of the midterm elections.

Energy experts Cal Dooley (American Chemistry Council), Frank Macchiarola (ANGA), Brian Wolff (EEI), and Karen Alderman Harbert (U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy) provided insight into: what a shift in the Senate means for the energy economy; how candidates framed energy issues through the election cycle; what energy policy will look like in the next congressional session; and many other critical issues.

To view smart, strategic, and substantial information on America’s energy landscape moving forward, click here.


Hannah Hess at Roll Call reported some badass news last night:

Republican Rep. Don Young, the self-described “alpha wolf” of Alaska politics, allegedly barged through the police line established to prevent members of Congress and staff from entering the Capitol following the spill. According to multiple sources, Young told an officer trying to stop him from entering the Capitol: “I don’t care if the building is closed,” cursed at the cop, then barged into the scene of the cleanup.

We’ve always suspected Congressman Young isn’t afraid of any beast in the great outdoors — but now we know he’s definitely not afraid of asbestos either.

Photo via Alaska Dispatch News

Here’s a bust of President Barack Obama created by a Smithsonian team from 3-D scan data.

Obama is the first sitting president to be scanned for this purpose. The bust was displayed yesterday at the White House Maker Faire, and the data and models will become part of the National Portrait Gallery’s collection.

What’s next? A 3-D scan of the Nationals’ Running President Teddy Roosevelt suit made into a life size hollow chocolate model?



If you’re a fan of the TV shows “VEEP” or “House of Cards,” you’re among the many Americans who have become increasingly fascinated with the Vice Presidency.

Today, June 13 at 12pm,HuffPost Live will bring together a panel of experts, to look at how the role of the VP has assumed more power in recent administrations and pop culture’s recent obsession with the position.  Guests include: former Chief-of-Staff to VP Gore and VP Biden, Ron Klain; Vice Presidential historian Joel K. Goldstein; Executive Producer of “VEEP,” Frank Rich; and highly respected scholar of the Vice Presidency, Joel Goldstein.

Watch the segment here today :

And don’t forget your aviators.