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Are you a new member of Congress? This guy has advice for you. 1. When flirting with women who aren’t your wife, DON’T post a pic of your junk on Twitter. — Chris Moody (@moody) January 6, 2015 2. When you see underage page boys you think are

Story Partners, a leading strategic public affairs firm in D.C., recently sat down with some of the energy industry’s top leaders to discuss the implications of the midterm elections. Energy experts Cal Dooley (American Chemistry Council), Frank Macchiarola (ANGA), Brian Wolff (EEI), and Karen Alderman Harbert (U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s

Hannah Hess at Roll Call reported some badass news last night: Republican Rep. Don Young, the self-described “alpha wolf” of Alaska politics, allegedly barged through the police line established to prevent members of Congress and staff from entering the Capitol following the spill. According to multiple sources, Young told an

Here’s a bust of President Barack Obama created by a Smithsonian team from 3-D scan data. Obama is the first sitting president to be scanned for this purpose. The bust was displayed yesterday at the White House Maker Faire, and the data and models will become part of the National

If you’re a fan of the TV shows “VEEP” or “House of Cards,” you’re among the many Americans who have become increasingly fascinated with the Vice Presidency. Today, June 13 at 12pm,HuffPost Live will bring together a panel of experts, to look at how the role of the VP has assumed

By popular demand, we partnered up with our friends over at Photox again for a little fun with some of our favorite politicos.

The loss—the GOP’s fifth in a row and their worst in over 85 years—proved so frustrating that some members asked Speaker of the House John Boehner to fire Barton, who has been a part of the game for 28 years. “Where has there been a shortstop that didn’t bat?” asks

Recess weeks can be a blissful break for a burned out staffer. Here’s how it usually goes. Last day of votes before a recess week. This is you. This is you, inside. Things are tense around the office. Very tense. Your boss is leaving. This is your face as you

Senator Claire McCaskill, homecoming queen. That is all. via

The ice caps are melting, Solange is lashing out, and government is as inefficient as ever. It’s time to blow the horn, Mr. President. Should Obama Blow The Silver Horn The Founding Fathers Left In Case The Country Ever Needed Them?

Game on: The lineup for Members vs. Press (aka the 2014 Congressional Women’s Softball Game) has just been announced. Full roster below. Get your tickets for the Wednesday, June 18, 2014 game at 7PM. It’s always a blast, and ticket money goes to a good cause: benefiting the Young Survival

This joke never gets old. Post by Barack Obama.

The US Secretary of State Dog, Ben (aka DiploMutt) is on Twitter. He hasn’t Tweeted, but we’re keeping a close eye out for any instances of “Woof” and “Bark” in our feed. h/t Morgan Gress Happy First Birthday to my dog Ben. @DiploMutt apparently an Earth Day baby. He keeps

Vice President Joe Biden’s first photo of the VP sitting behind his aviators at his desk, shuffling papers and surrounded by Americana. The only situation that could make this photo better: him holding a sandwich while riding a train. Follow the VP here.

A tipster sent us this photo of Congressman Derek Kilmer (WA-6) playing an auto-racing game on the Metro. We hope he won that round.