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Emil Caillaux did some serious image homework  to tell the story of Aaron Schock through Taylor Swift lyrics. An example: See the whole thing at Buzzfeed, here.

This is a great *real DC* article about the difficulty of finding a job after an election as a chief. We highly recommend reading the entire thing, but here’s a taste: Chiefs of staff, in particular, can have a harder time transitioning to another Hill job. Entry-level positions such as

Sure, there are 12,583 Republicans contemplating running for President this year – at FamousDC, we’re more concerned with where the top digital strategists will land.

We’d watch it 24 hours a day if this was the usual programming. Courtesy of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Last night, Famous DC attended the GOP 2016 Kickoff Happy Hour hosted by Google and Facebook. Held at city-chic bar and restaurant Silo, located in Mt. Vernon Triangle, the event was teeming with GOP social media pros. Guests bellied up to the open bar, snacked on everything from oysters to

From WaPo: “A bipartisan Twitter fest is scheduled to break out on Capitol Hill this week as the Obama administration and Congress venture into an area where they may find agreement: escaping the quagmire over transportation. “With the May 31 expiration of transportation funding nearing, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and

“Where we’re going, we don’t need government mandated healthcare.” Photo outside the Capitol Hill Club – Original joke and photo credit: David M. Drucker

This WaPo piece by Ben Terris on Aaron Schock’s newly decorated digs is delightful. Great writing. …my phone rang. It was Schock’s communications director, Benjamin Cole. “Are you taking pictures of the office?” he asked. “Who told you you could do that? . . . Okay, stay where you are. You’ve created a

We have so many questions (What committee is this? What staff? Why does he have an iPad? Do you think this will go on his resume? Can you fly drones in Committee hearings?)

Aaron Blake at The Fix said it best, it’s “the craziest sentence about a Florida congressman you will read this week.” Truth. ORLANDO, Florida — A trial to determine whether U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson’s wife committed bigamy when she wed the congressman has been delayed because she required emergency surgery

Ashley Codianni at CNN played Cards Against Humanity with Members after SOTU. This is only one of the most amazing moments. Rep. Duffy got the question, “What puts a smile on Joe Biden’s face?” None of these Members, except Rep. Sean Duffy, know how to play. It’s incredible. Watch the

Let’s just start with this, rule one of Cloture Club‘s SOTU drinking game: Drink for as long as Nancy Pelosi hugs the President when he enters the chamber. Not convinced this is the drinking game for tonight? Let’s examine one more: Bounce a quarter in a shot glass and drink

Are you a new member of Congress? This guy has advice for you. 1. When flirting with women who aren’t your wife, DON’T post a pic of your junk on Twitter. — Chris Moody (@moody) January 6, 2015 2. When you see underage page boys you think are

Story Partners, a leading strategic public affairs firm in D.C., recently sat down with some of the energy industry’s top leaders to discuss the implications of the midterm elections. Energy experts Cal Dooley (American Chemistry Council), Frank Macchiarola (ANGA), Brian Wolff (EEI), and Karen Alderman Harbert (U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s