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Contributed and authored by: Allie Erenbaum, a media and marketing student at American University.

Instagram is a unique and diverse platform to find inspiration. Professional and amateur photographers get the chance to tell a visual story through the photos they’ve taken. The following account are just a few of the many great DC photographers you should follow.


unnamedHolly Garner’s diverse photos are captivating. From nature scenes to upbeat portraits, Holly is able to photograph unique corners of DC through a wonderfully creative lens. Holly is also the founder of IGDC (@igdc on Instagram), a community designed to have local DC photographers meet and collaborate.

Holly Garner (@golightly)

Albert Ting’s candid portraits exude realness and honesty of residents throughout DC. His street photography style lets him shoot popular sites with a creative edge but also feature quieter places within the city. Besides taking pulsating pictures, Albert can be found working with policy and the government.

Albert Ting (@pootie_ting) 


Tamon George’s uniquely stylish edge allow him to photograph people and places with a truly artistic vision. Hailing from Canada, Tamon’s GQ Insider position helps him generate editorial-ready images with a polished spin.

Tamon George (@tamon_)

With darker tones and an industrial feel, Jen Burnett’s elegant photos feature beautiful lines and mesmerizing architecture throughout DC. Jen’s aesthetic artfully plays on light and angles to produce breathtaking shots. Her eye has enabled her to curate content for other Instagram accounts, including @blackandwhitedc and @stairwalkers.

Jen Burnett (@jenburnett) 

Originally from Seattle, Mica Powers’ diversified photos blend an array of portraits, wide landscape shots and moments of everyday life. She utilizes colorful photos and monochromatic content to provide a mix of different emotions and tones to her work.

Mica Powers (@mica4life)

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Doubling as a web designer and photographer, Andy Feliciotti has the ability to create perfect frames in his photos and showcases beautiful downtown cityscapes. Andy photographs motion in a way that breathes energy into his pictures from around the District. View more work from Andy’s travels on his website. (http://ihitthebutton.com/)

Andy Feliciotti (@someguy)