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Friday Round Up

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Weather: This is a perfect weekend for a Netflix marathon because the storms are rolling into DC and keeping the temperatures as high as 90 degrees. 

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Check out The Geeks exhibit at the National Geographic Museum; Bust out your best dance moves at Kitchen Sink Fest; Hit up the Harry Potter midnight release party on Saturday night; See the beautiful fully bloomed Corpse flower at the Botanic Garden; The Postal Museum is throwing down tonight; Billy Joel is playing live at National’s Park this Saturday. 


International Franchise Association #atourfranchise

From Bojangles’ & Dunkin’ Donuts to Meineke & The UPS Store – did you know there are more than 800,000 franchise establishments that support nearly 9.1 million direct jobs, $994 billion of economic output and 3 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)? But behind all of these brand names and numbers, there are the real stories of local franchise small business owners, their employees and their communities. Every year, Americans from all walks of life turn to franchising to find their first jobs, start new businesses and learn important skills that lead to successful careers through our unique business model.

Millions of stories. Millions of opportunities. Learn more at atourfranchise.org


Members of Congress are no strangers to tough decisions. Maybe that’s why singing and dancing was an easy one for them. See it for yourself in our Members Only video from the Democratic National Convention in Philly.


The Dems are taking stand-up comedy to a whole new level in politics; Even Hillary Clinton has a theme song; Having the Olympics in Rio probably should have been re-considered once or twice; It’s a boy! Should we name him Pikachu or Onyx?; Gilmore Girls is back to tug at our hearts; Michael Phelps is coming to your emjoi’s; Stephen Colbert’s “retirement” story; The pros and cons of Sweetgreen; Hide your kids! There are still 102 days left


The Metro is somehow getting worse…shocker; Washingtonians have perfected day drinking, commonly known as dartying; Follow the DC Pokemon map AND grab that signature cocktail on the way; Fried chicken sandwiches are the newest fad in the restaurant world; Second jobs don’t have to be so bad after all; So now the drinking age is 25? We call bull sh*t; This heat wave has everyone hibernating in the AC; $1.00 Uber rides? Yes please!


Michelle Obama for President

When Michelle Obama walked onto that stage and began to speak, the arena went silent.

FamousPHL: Say Cheese(steak)

Philadelphia is rich with history. Yeah – it’s the birthplace and home of the world renowned Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.

Democratic Disney Characters

We apologize in advance because you will never look at these Disney characters the same after reading this post.

FamousDC Drinking Game: Convention Edition

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are dredging up the worst of humanity, and they’re making us really want a drink.

Politicians Eating Philly Cheesesteaks, Ranked

In honor of the convention, here are our favorite photos of politicians eating Philly cheesesteaks, ranked from worst technique to best technique.

If Bill Becomes “First Lady”

As we can only imagine, a lot will change if a man becomes the first “first lady,” so how exactly will this new role play out?

Famously Spotted at the DNC

Here’s a list of every celebrity spotted at the Convention so break out your telescope because a lot of stars are coming your way…

Fashionably Famous – Jeffrey Levinson

We spent some time talking with local handbag designer Jeffrey Levinson.

TBT to the 1992 DNC

Let’s take it back to when the first round of the Clinton’s campaign for the White House officially began.

Tim Kaine: Vice President of Dad-Merica

Tim Kaine is a dad.

Famous in Philly: Meet the DNC’s Biggest VIP

We’re ready to hit the campaign trail for Jane Grey Battle, just as soon as she’s old enough to run for office.

Convention Chats with Morning Consult and S-3 Public Affairs: Philadelphia Edition

Morning Consult and S-3 Public Affairs organized another week of excellent events in Philadelphia.

The Most Memorable Quotes Of The Conventions 

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are over, and they’ve left thousands of soundbites in their wakes.


With Cleveland in our rearview, it was time to set our sights on Philadelphia for the DNC. If you thought taking a road trip with your family was bad, try taking one with your coworkers. Now watch a 3-hour drive turn into 7.


Famous birthday wishes to Alexis Pelowski, Peter B. Weeks, Charlie Jane, Henry Skewes, Mollie McColgan, Rose Myers, Felix Stich, Russell AllenTorrie MatousZach WebberPeyton KilleenHunter Deeley and Aaron Fobes.


“Tim Kaine just wants one word alone with your prom date.”

Jordan Weissmann


Natalie Raps drops lyrics like Kanye; Noelle Clemente is the best roommate; Amos Snead and Vince Vaughn. That is all; Brian Johnson is going to dig into some wings tonight; The Gress family is going to need some bloody marys tomorrow morning; Megan Soule is a gem; Rick Yackle is one hell of a boyfriend; Get ready for those Pisco Sours China Riddle; Does Sarah Gunion still read this far down?; Marie Formica did some epic road tripping the past couple of weeks; Congressman Steny Hoyer is Kathryn Lyons’ newest fan; Senator Dick Durbin isn’t shy about singing Joe Walsh; Matt Haller and Ben Jenkins are really good at having a great time; Jack Smith’s hospitality can’t be topped; Cameron Easley sees ’em lookin’; Virginia Beckett is leaving the GOP if the Democrats promise more Diplo dance parties; Clayton Cox is a patriot and great friend; Rachel Rauscher was the hardest working person at the DNC; Carla Frank is good people; Lisa Leonard DNC’d better than everyone else at the convention; Meredith McPhillips ties Lisa Leonard for that award; Igor Bobic understands the value of an epic dance party; The DNC Finance Committee staff are hard working, good people; Fawn Johnson and Jason Dick tie for coolest people at the DNC; Megan Wilson managed to be everywhere all at the same time in Philadelphia; Vermin Supreme, Bret Baier and Mark Kelly all somehow ended up at the same bar in Philly this week; The Morning Consult and S-3 Public Affairs teams crushed it for two weeks straight at both conventions; Seton Parsons learned how to work a crowd this week; Bruce Keiloch brought heady tunes and a great cause to Philadelphia; How was Snoop, Katie Zirkelbach?; Natasha Flint is the best work BFF; Mike and Ethan Dunkle are so close to being Ironmen!

What could have been a grueling two weeks on the road attending both political conventions was instead an incredible experience and opportunity for the FamousDC family, thanks to the help and hospitality of both host cities. FamousDC is grateful to the people of Cleveland and Philadelphia, and our many friends in attendance at the RNC and DNC, for showing us an amazing time. Our recent adventures came and went quickly, but we’ll never forget them.


Congratulations to Van Jones and Molly Haigh on their new social justice media strategy firm, Megaphone Strategies; The National Women’s Business Council welcomes Esther Morales, previously White House Liaison at the EPA, as its new executive director; Evan Armstrong joins the Retail Industry Leaders Association as VP for government affairs; James Adams joins McBee Strategic; Adams was previously with NBC, and before that, Senator Mark Warner’s (D-VA) office; Senator Jim Rich’s (R-ID) former communications director, Suzanne Wrasse, will join 360 Live Media as a senior account manager; Kevin Gluba is the new executive director of the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure. He previously served as a Department of Commerce International Trade Administrational official; R.C. Hammond, previously at H+K Strategies, joins the Herald Group as vice president; Jack Mallory joins the Clyde Group from his previous role at Hiltzik Strategies; Andrew Beilein is the new director of government relations at the Business Roundtable; And finally, Bruce Josten, executive vice president for government affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has announced his retirement for the end of 2016, after 42 years with the Chamber.


Thanks for the cheesesteaks, Philly.