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Ah, the Philly cheesesteak. Thinly sliced meat slapped onto a bread roll, slathered in Cheez Whiz, and heated to a melty deliciousness.

Whether you love them or hate them, they’re everywhere in Philly. No matter if you’re a prominent politician or a tired out Bernie protester, cheesesteaks are here to keep you going all convention long.

In honor of the convention, here are our favorite photos of politicians eating Philly cheesesteaks, ranked from worst technique to best techinque.

Elizabeth Warren

We are disappointed, Elizabeth Warren. You’re not even touching the bready case of meat that sits on the table beneath you.

Ted Cruz

Presidential Candidates Campaign In Iowa During State Fair

We think Ted Cruz is eating a Philly cheesesteak, but all that foil is making it difficult to tell. This photo is redeemed by Ted’s lil “Senator” apron. Also by the fact that with his finger up, it looks like he’s delivering a speech while chomping on his food. No one can hear you, Ted!

Scott Walker


The eye contact Scott Walker is making across the table while simultaneously taking a giant bite of meat is impressive. It’s also a little creepy. We advise Scott Walker keeps his eyes on the prize, his Philly cheesesteak.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

God, Michelle Obama, we get it. Philly cheesesteaks aren’t healthy. But you really have to go eat a WHOLE, RAW radish from your garden? Way to one up everyone.

Barack Obama


His wife let him eat this, which is very nice of her. This is a very solid bite from POTUS, who is heeding our advice to keep his eyes on the sandwich. Careful you don’t bite off more than you can chew, or you’ll end up like John Kerry.

John Kerry


God, John Kerry, you really messed this bite up. The people of Philly were already mad at you for ordering SWISS CHEESE on your sandwich, which is basically treason. Now you go ahead and bite off more than you can chew, literally. The aftermath of this bite probably wasn’t pretty. Nice try.

Joe Biden

LOOK AT THAT BITE. Beautiful, graceful, and unabashed. Joe wins.